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Spring nitrogen urea prices fell consolidation or crisis

Fertilizer market remains steady upward trend, some companies recently raised the factory price. Main reason: rail freight increases, the cost is pulled high, high sulfur prices of raw materials to support AP markets. Ming recently presented raw urea overall steady kicked upstairs, Shandong Province actual transaction has to 1550-1600 yuan / ton, neighboring Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places prices are also down 20 yuan / ton amplitude. Spring nitrogen fertilizer demand in the main recipe, a large proportion of the cost of nitrogen fertilizer, urea dismal performance but did not form a good support.
With the weather warming downstream aspects of the market slow start, gradually expand grassroots fertilization,3-April comes with a fat little peak businesses or give up a single glimmer of good news for fertilizer markets. Overall market recovery will take time. Up to now the market factory price remained at 45CL (3 * 15) 1770-1950 yuan / ton, 45S (3 * 15) 2100-2250 yuan / ton. Expect no substantial improvement in fertilizer market this week, waiting for grass fertilizer manufacturers fully open.( supply)

Acrylic downward price weakness

Acrylic recent domestic market continued to decline, trading intent is very low. The rapid decline in prices of raw materials, the cost of support for acrylic dropped, buyers leave the terminal waiting; while acrylic factories continued to drop and quotes, more directly suppress the market confidence. In the background of weak downstream market trends, acrylic prices continue to shock downstream.

Prices continue to fall. Northern factory shipments weak prices, quoted in the mainstream 10900 ~ 11200 yuan (t price, the same below); Southern library requires manufacturers have reduced prices continue to fall, quoted in the mainstream 11200 ~ 11800 yuan.

Depressed market trading atmosphere. Intention to discuss the East China market slump, the downstream demand low levels, poor dealer shipments, prices continue to fall, the acid level of the S & P market mainstream price 10800 ~ 10900 yuan; North China market, the lack of effective buying, buyers cautious attitude to accept the goods, the price concussion, a Cape acid market mainstream in 10800 ~ 10900 yuan.( supply)

Is expected to rise slightly with monoammonium

With the arrival of spring fertilizer season, monoammonium phosphate market slow start . At present, enterprises continue to perform pre- orders, raw material prices and the cost of rail freight increases lead to increased pressure , manufacturers quite up , but the downstream fertilizer market in general, demand-pull fatigue, the new single turnover remained in general, 55% of the current mainstream monoammonium phosphate powder factory price 1900-2000 yuan ( t price , the same below ) . As the weather began to pick up , cotton and other crops , fertilizer will commence a large area , fertilizer demand will increase, thus boosting sales slightly pulled monoammonium phosphate . MAP prices see stability in the short-term , with the latter expected to slow slightly up .
Raw material price increases transportation of phosphate rock , sulfur , ammonia prices and transportation costs increase as a major factor supporting higher costs monoammonium phosphate , and in raw material prices steady conditions , monoammonium phosphate prices limited downside.
Sulfur overall stability maintenance . Yangtze sulfur prices fall again after a slight rebound in bulk particles mainstream price of 1,500 yuan . The current international price of high sulfur firm, domestic traders gradually began to accept the US- 220 Yuan CIF , the domestic spot market at high prices by international support, but large-scale procurement downstream peak subsided, small and medium factories and more demand procurement , port trade is not. Although February combined cargo to Hong Kong , but most sources are plants, there is no significant increase in the actual volume of trade . Sulfur market will be expected to post upward correction after narrowly mixed . Continue reading

Institutions of methanol production forecast in 2018 will reach 100 million tons

February 26, 2014 China methanol market analysis will be held in Zhengzhou. Methanol Branch China CCCMC released “2013 China methanol market report” shows that in the next five years, China’s methanol production capacity growth will show a downward trend, 43.62 million tons of new capacity is expected, in 2018 China’s methanol production capacity will reach 100 million tons.
At the meeting, the State Secretary for Economic Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Foreign Trade Division, China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, the relevant person in charge of the methanol industry development and related policies. Hundreds of people from methanol production enterprises, methanol downstream firms, futures companies and other units to participate in the meeting and on the methanol market trend analyzes and exchanges.
The meeting by the China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and co-sponsored the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange.( Supply)

China Citric Eurasian Economic Commission anti-dumping investigation

Baita club recently , according to the Information Bureau of the Eurasian Economic Commission informed the Eurasian Economic

Commission made ​​in China, announced the start of an anti-dumping investigation of citric acid . 2010 to 2012 , imports of citric

acid from China to the customs union grew by 36.4% ; 2013 to October 1 , the scale of citric acid imports from China increased year

on year by 5.8 %, while prices fell by 8.6% , the margin of dumping as 50.4% .

2010 to 2012 , the demand for the Customs Union member states increased by 15.4% citric acid , citric acid production in the

customs union business grew by 4.1% , while sales of the Customs Union of citric acid business has decreased by 9.4 % for the 2010

inventory 8.7 times year-end. In this period, the Customs Union of citric acid on the market share of Chinese products increased by

8.6 percentage points. Decline in the domestic price of citric acid affected the Customs Union member states such products

producer’s sales price, lower cost of production of citric acid in the Customs Union increased by 4.4 % of the cases , the Customs

Union market sales prices declined by 9.1% , resulting in a substantial reduction in the customs union manufacturers sales profits


The anti-dumping investigation is the Eurasian Economic Commission should apply citric acid plant in Russia do not erg Rhodes

conducted , Belarus Skidelsky sugar mills in Russia do not erg Rhodes citric acid plant expressed support. Both companies are

manufacturers of citric acid from 2010 to 2013 within the customs union , citric acid production within the customs union are two

companies produce .( supply)

Methanol economy is very far away from us

“Methanol Economy ” concept by the Nobel Prize winner George A. Ola in 2006 in his book “Crossing the oil and gas era methanol

economy ,” a book first proposed and discussed in detail . Its important background and theoretical basis is: With the reduction of

oil and gas resources, particularly the arrival of peak oil , the world will face a serious energy crisis. In response to the Continue reading

Border ports of domestic potash steady rise slightly due to tariff

Last week, border , port KCl mainstream situation remains steady. Border crossings arrival is still relatively slow , now Russia’s red port delivery price of around 1,900 yuan / ton, white potassium 2020-2050 yuan / ton , the recent Russian red and supply of ; harbor tight supply, the majority of traders in the hands of non- supply , plus the price of white 2200-2250 yuan / ton, the Russia-Belarus quoted in 2150-2220 yuan / ton, the Russian red in the 2030-2080 yuan / ton, slightly lower , where high prices are mainly concentrated in the south harbor. Large particles offer in 2350-2380 yuan / ton. With domestic rail freight increase potassium chloride salt lake , station prices rose 40-50 yuan / ton. Nur potassium traders pick the price will also increase 40-50 yuan / ton.
Market Analysis , February downstream potassium fertilizer procurement in general, coupled with the port to the shore after the end of February is expected to increase , domestic potassium have started , the market outlook is bearish sentiment increased. Especially concerned with the Northeast market demand decline, the customs border goods market will be affected. But in the short term , the potassium chloride market remains temporarily in short supply , the price is still capable firm. In addition , investors also need to pay close attention to the case of imported potash shipped .
Potassium sulfate compound fertilizer good demand downstream , Mannheim started acceptable factory orders filled , the higher offer, plus shipping Lop tight , so the short-term market conditions still remain strong potassium .
Future Forecast : I expect the recent KCl temporarily remain stable, high potassium remains strong.( supply)

sodium gluconate

sodium gluconate composed with many hydroxyl, named five hydroxyl sodiumacid. molecularfomula:C6H11O7Na. molecular weight:218.14.exterior is white or borown yellow crystalline powder or granule, easy dissolved ether. products slow solidify it be widely used in construction, wash, food and medicine industry. along with strong the country costruction and high quality, the new dvelopment of washing industry. the market demand is very speedy, market appeared a huge potential.

sodium gluconate uses:  chelate for cement: fixed amount of it in cement, then make the concrete sstrong and radom. it can be delay the first time and the last time for solidity. for medicine industry: adjust the body acid-base balance to restore the nomal nerve. for the same purpose apply to food additives. cleaning agent for steel surface: the steel surface must be exacting cleaning bebore plate Bo, Cr, Sn, Ni, then it can be integrated well, now the sodium gluconate play a very important effect. special cleaning agent for glass bottle: main ingredient is it, this cleaning agent can improve those problem: can’t remove dirt directly. block the nozzle and the pipeline.residue after washing is not ideal edible security, after wash water caused public nuisance. for plating and film industry food industry : produce additive prevent low sodium.

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sodium formate

Sodium formate has many other names such as Sodiumformatehydrate; Formic acid sodium salt; formic acid sodium sigmaultra; formic acid sodium; Formic acid, sodium salt; Salachlor.It chemical properties is a white crystalline powder with water absorbing performance and slight formic acid odor, soluble in water glycerol, sightly soluble in ethano, not soluble in ether. Sodium formate‘s melting point is 253οC. Mainly applied to the manufacture of formic acid and oxalic acid, as well as to the manufacture of dimethyl formamide.


It has many grades, we can provided the high-purity grade and the content is ≥98.0%, specific class ≥97.0%, priority level ≥96.0%, class A ≥95.0%, class B 94.0% and qualified product 92.0%.


Sodium formate‘s use :

1.Leather industry, chrome tanning method in camouflage acid.

2.For the synthesis of catalysts and stability agent.

3.Printing and dyeing industry, reducing agent.

For the production of sodium hydrosulfite,oxalic acid and formic acid

In recent year, the early strength of cement is also a large number of applications and preparation of low toxicity, environmental protection, oil field drilling fluid.transport and storage


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Cupric oxide

Cupric oxide‘s chemical properties is black monoclinic crystalline or amorphous black to brown-black crystalline, which has spherical or flake. It has ordinary grade and special grade. As a professional chemical manufacturer, we can provided the special grade. For example, we can meet some requirements as follows:

cu rate 90

oxide 98-99

80-180 micron

180-500 micron


Most importantly, we should know cupric oxide‘s powerful use. Mainly used for electroplating of electricity plate and the production of stainer for ceramic and porcelain. Also, for the production of fireworks, dyes, catalysts, lacquer, oil-based desulfurizing agent and other nantokites. In addition, Cupric oxide can be used as raw material to produce magnetic materials such as Nickel Zinc ferrites and temperature sensitive elements, or used as pigment in ceramic and glass industry; it can also be used as catalyst of organic reaction to produce rayon or as raw materials of other copper compounds, oil desulfurization agent, anti-creasing agent of paint and polishing paste of optical glass. What’s more, cupric oxide can be used for make exothermic welding powder.


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