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Is expected to rise slightly with monoammonium

With the arrival of spring fertilizer season, monoammonium phosphate market slow start . At present, enterprises continue to perform pre- orders, raw material prices and the cost of rail freight increases lead to increased pressure , manufacturers quite up , but the downstream fertilizer market in general, demand-pull fatigue, the new single turnover remained in general, 55% of the current mainstream monoammonium phosphate powder factory price 1900-2000 yuan ( t price , the same below ) . As the weather began to pick up , cotton and other crops , fertilizer will commence a large area , fertilizer demand will increase, thus boosting sales slightly pulled monoammonium phosphate . MAP prices see stability in the short-term , with the latter expected to slow slightly up .
Raw material price increases transportation of phosphate rock , sulfur , ammonia prices and transportation costs increase as a major factor supporting higher costs monoammonium phosphate , and in raw material prices steady conditions , monoammonium phosphate prices limited downside.
Sulfur overall stability maintenance . Yangtze sulfur prices fall again after a slight rebound in bulk particles mainstream price of 1,500 yuan . The current international price of high sulfur firm, domestic traders gradually began to accept the US- 220 Yuan CIF , the domestic spot market at high prices by international support, but large-scale procurement downstream peak subsided, small and medium factories and more demand procurement , port trade is not. Although February combined cargo to Hong Kong , but most sources are plants, there is no significant increase in the actual volume of trade . Sulfur market will be expected to post upward correction after narrowly mixed . Continue reading