Acrylic downward price weakness

Acrylic recent domestic market continued to decline, trading intent is very low. The rapid decline in prices of raw materials, the cost of support for acrylic dropped, buyers leave the terminal waiting; while acrylic factories continued to drop and quotes, more directly suppress the market confidence. In the background of weak downstream market trends, acrylic prices continue to shock downstream.

Prices continue to fall. Northern factory shipments weak prices, quoted in the mainstream 10900 ~ 11200 yuan (t price, the same below); Southern library requires manufacturers have reduced prices continue to fall, quoted in the mainstream 11200 ~ 11800 yuan.

Depressed market trading atmosphere. Intention to discuss the East China market slump, the downstream demand low levels, poor dealer shipments, prices continue to fall, the acid level of the S & P market mainstream price 10800 ~ 10900 yuan; North China market, the lack of effective buying, buyers cautious attitude to accept the goods, the price concussion, a Cape acid market mainstream in 10800 ~ 10900 yuan.( supply)