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Styrene production technology into the “energy generation”

December 27 , from Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company announced the news from the company and the Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute , Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd. and East China University of implementation of 120,000 tons / year styrene sets of energy-saving technology development projects , has been December 10 passed the technical appraisal of Sinopec organization. The project is the second generation of energy-efficient applications styrene innovative technology and intellectual property , has applied for 17 patents , of which 11 have been authorized . Continue reading

Agrochemicals Details

In the history of the world Agrochemicals market stable growth, the pesticides become the world’s current agricultural development one of the most important method to increase production. Can effectively kill crop diseases, insects, weeds and rats and other toxic biological or can regulate plant or insect growth, improve agricultural production. And the main chemical raw materials for the production of pesticide : tebuthiuron , Cyprodinil, nitenpyram(TC), iodine, humic cid sodium salt, abamectin ,pyrazosulfuron,      trifloxysulfuron-sodium, ethirimol, coumaphos, potassium hydroxide stearic acid, and so on.

Of course, Agrochemicals are divided into different types, according to the control object is different, can be divided into pesticide, fungicide, and acaricide, nematicides, rodenticide, herbicide, defoliant, plant growth regulator, etc. Continue reading

Propanol strong industry momentum

Products significantly enhance the self-sufficiency rate to further expand the application fields
December 19 , reporters from the New Materials Co., Ltd. Nanjing Nuoao informed , as the company’s new 120,000 t and 100,000 t of propionaldehyde propanol stable device operation , in 2014 the production capacity of n-propanol reached 185,700 tons , has to meet the domestic market demand. Next few years, China’s import dependence on n-propanol will be further reduced , and gradually achieve self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, as the environmentally friendly alternative to the process of ” BTX” etc. accelerated solvent , n-propanol market demand will show a sustained growth. Continue reading

Ammonium chloride relax export limited positive

Fertilizer with ammonium chloride will be abolished in 2014 exports to distinguish the short season , the annual implementation of provisional export tax rate of 5% , the current export policy adjustments has not been a significant impact on the domestic market. Analysts pointed out that next year is expected to increase exports of ammonium chloride , to help ease the pressure on domestic supply , but exports alone is difficult to eliminate overcapacity adverse effects .
Last week chloride prices stable , the market demand is acceptable price stability. Currently , wet ammonium mainstream offer 500 yuan ( t price , the same below ) about the dry ammonium mainstream price around $ 600 . Downstream fertilizer factory operating rate rose rapidly , increasing the demand for raw materials , goods ammonium go smoother . Some enterprises orders to February next year . Continue reading

Talk chemical transport careen from “deadly Express”

“Killer Express” event occurred just died and nine injuries caused by a sad tragedy, illegal courier fluoride acetate chemical companies outrage. However, only a sad anger clearly does not help. The author believes that “killer Express” is not only reflected in the lack of corporate self-regulation, supervision transportation of hazardous chemicals, also to some extent reflects the difficult to transport chemicals careen through legal means reality. Establish a scientific and standardized careen chemical transport system, create a reasonable careen chemical transport channels, in order to prevent such a tragedy from the root. Continue reading

Ethyl acetate station on the Asian high prices

Due to rising raw material costs , the price of ethyl acetate in Asia in December this year hit a 20 -month high . According to ICIS data, as of December 13 , the week, the benchmark price of ethyl acetate in Asia over the beginning of September , up 12.8% , with an average price of $ 970 ( t price , the same below ; FOB, China ) . But even so, ethyl acetate Asia still lags behind the price increases of raw materials rose , investors or extend gains . Continue reading

Chemicals are sprayed without protection for the workers

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food additives Details

Food additives is point  to improve food quality and color, flavor, taste, as well as the need for anti-corrosion, preservation and processing technology to join the synthetic or natural substances in food. Including nutrition fortifier, food spices, gum base candy based agent and food industry processing aids.

Over the past century, with the modernization of food industry, food additives industry also got rapid development, the production continues to rise, the species and varieties is becoming more and more various, has become a new force of fine industrial. At present, the world’s food additives varieties has reached more than 25000。 Continue reading

December 17 domestic sulfur price details

Takahashi petrochemical refining marketing company raised the price of sulfur , solid sulfur prices 950 yuan / ton, the price of 880 yuan liquid sulfur / ton. Sulfur loading fare $ 12, Non-loaded liquid sulfur fare , normal production , monthly production of about 7,000 tons of liquid sulfur present in the main go for , inventory low. Continue reading