sodium formate

Sodium formate has many other names such as Sodiumformatehydrate; Formic acid sodium salt; formic acid sodium sigmaultra; formic acid sodium; Formic acid, sodium salt; Salachlor.It chemical properties is a white crystalline powder with water absorbing performance and slight formic acid odor, soluble in water glycerol, sightly soluble in ethano, not soluble in ether. Sodium formate‘s melting point is 253οC. Mainly applied to the manufacture of formic acid and oxalic acid, as well as to the manufacture of dimethyl formamide.


It has many grades, we can provided the high-purity grade and the content is ≥98.0%, specific class ≥97.0%, priority level ≥96.0%, class A ≥95.0%, class B 94.0% and qualified product 92.0%.


Sodium formate‘s use :

1.Leather industry, chrome tanning method in camouflage acid.

2.For the synthesis of catalysts and stability agent.

3.Printing and dyeing industry, reducing agent.

For the production of sodium hydrosulfite,oxalic acid and formic acid

In recent year, the early strength of cement is also a large number of applications and preparation of low toxicity, environmental protection, oil field drilling fluid.transport and storage


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