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Cupric oxide

Cupric oxide‘s chemical properties is black monoclinic crystalline or amorphous black to brown-black crystalline, which has spherical or flake. It has ordinary grade and special grade. As a professional chemical manufacturer, we can provided the special grade. For example, we can meet some requirements as follows:

cu rate 90

oxide 98-99

80-180 micron

180-500 micron


Most importantly, we should know cupric oxide‘s powerful use. Mainly used for electroplating of electricity plate and the production of stainer for ceramic and porcelain. Also, for the production of fireworks, dyes, catalysts, lacquer, oil-based desulfurizing agent and other nantokites. In addition, Cupric oxide can be used as raw material to produce magnetic materials such as Nickel Zinc ferrites and temperature sensitive elements, or used as pigment in ceramic and glass industry; it can also be used as catalyst of organic reaction to produce rayon or as raw materials of other copper compounds, oil desulfurization agent, anti-creasing agent of paint and polishing paste of optical glass. What’s more, cupric oxide can be used for make exothermic welding powder.


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