sodium gluconate

sodium gluconate composed with many hydroxyl, named five hydroxyl sodiumacid. molecularfomula:C6H11O7Na. molecular weight:218.14.exterior is white or borown yellow crystalline powder or granule, easy dissolved ether. products slow solidify it be widely used in construction, wash, food and medicine industry. along with strong the country costruction and high quality, the new dvelopment of washing industry. the market demand is very speedy, market appeared a huge potential.

sodium gluconate uses:  chelate for cement: fixed amount of it in cement, then make the concrete sstrong and radom. it can be delay the first time and the last time for solidity. for medicine industry: adjust the body acid-base balance to restore the nomal nerve. for the same purpose apply to food additives. cleaning agent for steel surface: the steel surface must be exacting cleaning bebore plate Bo, Cr, Sn, Ni, then it can be integrated well, now the sodium gluconate play a very important effect. special cleaning agent for glass bottle: main ingredient is it, this cleaning agent can improve those problem: can’t remove dirt directly. block the nozzle and the pipeline.residue after washing is not ideal edible security, after wash water caused public nuisance. for plating and film industry food industry : produce additive prevent low sodium.

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