China Citric Eurasian Economic Commission anti-dumping investigation

Baita club recently , according to the Information Bureau of the Eurasian Economic Commission informed the Eurasian Economic

Commission made ​​in China, announced the start of an anti-dumping investigation of citric acid . 2010 to 2012 , imports of citric

acid from China to the customs union grew by 36.4% ; 2013 to October 1 , the scale of citric acid imports from China increased year

on year by 5.8 %, while prices fell by 8.6% , the margin of dumping as 50.4% .

2010 to 2012 , the demand for the Customs Union member states increased by 15.4% citric acid , citric acid production in the

customs union business grew by 4.1% , while sales of the Customs Union of citric acid business has decreased by 9.4 % for the 2010

inventory 8.7 times year-end. In this period, the Customs Union of citric acid on the market share of Chinese products increased by

8.6 percentage points. Decline in the domestic price of citric acid affected the Customs Union member states such products

producer’s sales price, lower cost of production of citric acid in the Customs Union increased by 4.4 % of the cases , the Customs

Union market sales prices declined by 9.1% , resulting in a substantial reduction in the customs union manufacturers sales profits


The anti-dumping investigation is the Eurasian Economic Commission should apply citric acid plant in Russia do not erg Rhodes

conducted , Belarus Skidelsky sugar mills in Russia do not erg Rhodes citric acid plant expressed support. Both companies are

manufacturers of citric acid from 2010 to 2013 within the customs union , citric acid production within the customs union are two

companies produce .( supply)