Border ports of domestic potash steady rise slightly due to tariff

Last week, border , port KCl mainstream situation remains steady. Border crossings arrival is still relatively slow , now Russia’s red port delivery price of around 1,900 yuan / ton, white potassium 2020-2050 yuan / ton , the recent Russian red and supply of ; harbor tight supply, the majority of traders in the hands of non- supply , plus the price of white 2200-2250 yuan / ton, the Russia-Belarus quoted in 2150-2220 yuan / ton, the Russian red in the 2030-2080 yuan / ton, slightly lower , where high prices are mainly concentrated in the south harbor. Large particles offer in 2350-2380 yuan / ton. With domestic rail freight increase potassium chloride salt lake , station prices rose 40-50 yuan / ton. Nur potassium traders pick the price will also increase 40-50 yuan / ton.
Market Analysis , February downstream potassium fertilizer procurement in general, coupled with the port to the shore after the end of February is expected to increase , domestic potassium have started , the market outlook is bearish sentiment increased. Especially concerned with the Northeast market demand decline, the customs border goods market will be affected. But in the short term , the potassium chloride market remains temporarily in short supply , the price is still capable firm. In addition , investors also need to pay close attention to the case of imported potash shipped .
Potassium sulfate compound fertilizer good demand downstream , Mannheim started acceptable factory orders filled , the higher offer, plus shipping Lop tight , so the short-term market conditions still remain strong potassium .
Future Forecast : I expect the recent KCl temporarily remain stable, high potassium remains strong.( supply)