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The prospect of Biodegradable polymer industry is great

According to Zion’s market research report, the market value of global biodegradable polymers in 2014 is about $ 1.68 billion, which is expected to reach $ 5.18 billion in 2020. 2015 to 2020, the annual growth rate of more than 21%.

The polymer is a long chain monomer compound formed by a chemical reaction. It consists of a large number of repeating units and the mass is very high. Biodegradable polymers can be broken down into simple, reusable natural products after completing their mission. Biodegradable polymers are non-toxic, do not harm the environment, can be maintained before degradation, and the degradation rate can also be controlled. Degradation of biodegradable polymers mainly by means of microorganisms, decomposition will produce such as carbon dioxide, organic fuels and water such as natural by-products.


The demand for biodegradable and biobased products is increasing as a result of sustainable development policies and increasing concerns about the use of environmentally friendly products, which is also a major driver of biodegradable polymers to capture the market. At the same time, the government supports the production of environmentally friendly biodegradable polymers is also a key factor in market growth. Oil-based polymer production of raw materials – crude oil prices also help to promote the demand for biodegradable polymers. However, biodegradable polymers are not used in the field of alternative synthetic petroleum based plastics, and are expensive to manufacture, so the production of accurate biodegradable polymers may affect market growth. Future, end-user applications and the price of raw materials for biodegradable polymers will provide potential market opportunities in the coming years.

The market for biodegradable polymers is based on type, application and region. Biodegradable polymers can be divided into hydrolyzable backbone polymers, carbon skeleton polymers and natural polymer polymers. Hydrolyzable backbone polymers are classified as polyglycolic acid (PGA), polycaprolactone (PCL), polyamide, polyurethane, in which polyglycolic acid (PGA) is widely used and consists of polyamide and polyurethane. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a polymer with a carbon backbone, and amylopectin, starch, chitin and chitosan are a class of natural macromolecules. Starch-based polymers are widely used in food packaging due to ease of use.

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Biodegradable polymers are widely used in packaging, agriculture and medicine. In medical applications, biodegradable polymers are used to prevent adhesives, drug delivery systems and surgical sutures. In addition, biodegradable polymers are used for agricultural cover, and starch-based packaging, cellulose-based packaging and PLA-based packaging.

By region, Europe accounted for the main market for biodegradable polymers in 2014, largely due to the high concentration of green technology and manufacturing in Germany and the Netherlands. It is expected that during this period, the northern United States will grow significantly, as the region’s awareness of crude oil value and rising crude oil prices. Further, the Asia-Pacific region as India and China and other emerging economies, industrial development, it is possible to accelerate the growth of the market.

In the biodegradable polymer market, Cortec Group, Mitsui Chemicals, BASF, Biotech Co., Ltd. and the two companies, CereplastMetabolix and FP International and other companies are top companies. These market participants are committed to improving the production of biodegradable polymers by research and development to expand their application

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Russian chemical production in the first half of 2017 increased by 7.4%

According to Rosstat, Russia’s statistics show that Russia’s chemical production rose 7.4% year-on-year in the first half of the year, despite a decline in production in May and June, according to Rosstat, the Russian Bureau of Statistics.

In June this year, Russian chemical production fell 1.4% qoq, after May production fell 1.5% qoq.

Russian ethylene production in June was 257,000 tons, while in May was 260,000 tons. Overall, Russia’s ethylene production in the first half of this year reached 1.5 million tons, an increase of 10.2%.

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

Russian production in June fell to 106,000 tons, compared with 11.4 million tons in May production fell 7%, mainly due to the operation of the Russian oil company Angkorsk polymer plant plans to shut down maintenance. The first half of this year, Russian benzene production of more than 703,000 tons, an increase of 11.5%.

Russian xylene production in June was 35,300 tons, compared with 51,400 tonnes in May. The first half of this year, Russian xylene production was 276,900 tons, down 7.8%.

June caustic soda production was 10.3 million tons, down 5.2% qoq. The first half of this year, Russian caustic soda production of 61.78 million tons, an increase of 12.3%.

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Crude oil in the second half of the opportunity to rise but little room

International oil prices since the end of June fell below $ 45 / barrel low after the two waves rebounded, but the rebound is not, twice in the 50 US dollars / barrel position suffered strong pressure down, indicating that the market confidence in the second half of the oil market is still insufficient , Mainly on the supply of potential growth is still more worried.

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In fact, OPEC (OPEC) since the implementation of the implementation of the policy since the implementation is better. However, the second quarter OPEC grams of production has a slight increase in the trend. OPEC latest monthly data show that the overall output in June than in May increased by 40 million barrels / day to 3261 million barrels / day, more than the organization limited to 32.5 million barrels / day on the line level, the main increase from unrestricted production constraints Libya and Nigeria, as well as Saudi Arabia, Angola and Iraq. Therefore, the market has reason to worry about whether the OPEC in the second half to maintain the first half of the higher production rate.

US crude oil production also contributed to OPEC production efforts to reduce the results greatly reduced. US crude oil production has increased by nearly 12% to 940 million barrels per day in 2016. However, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) latest monthly report cut the US crude oil production in 2018. The agency predicted that 2018 US crude oil production 990 million barrels / day, an increase of 57 million barrels / day; and the agency in June forecast 2018 crude oil production will exceed 10 million barrels, an increase of 67 million barrels / day. Baker Hughes data show that the United States Permian basin nearly two months since the rapid growth rate of rigs, indicating that the current level of oil prices, the US shale oil production is expected to be too optimistic. Because the Permian is the United States shale oil 7 major areas in the lowest breakeven point, the lowest cost of mining quality oil and gas resources area.


In addition, the trend of declining global crude oil inventories is also being established. OPEC monthly data show that OECD commercial inventories have continued to decline this year, despite the slow decline in May stocks fell 12.9 million barrels to 3 billion barrels. At the same time, US commercial crude oil inventories have fallen to 500 million barrels, although it is also slow down. From the forecasts of OPEC and EIA, the overall demand for crude oil in 2018 is slightly larger than supply growth, although OPEC production is largely offset by higher US production, but supply and demand will be more balanced, the decline in inventory or will lead Oil prices.

Overall, the US crude oil production will continue to suppress the long-term increase in oil prices, if the OPEC in the first quarter of 2018 after the withdrawal agreement to increase production, the oil market will be volatile. However, the short term, as long as OPEC can continue to implement a better cut production agreement, the second half of the supply and demand situation will continue to improve. International oil prices are expected to still have the opportunity to rise in the second half, although the rise of space will not be too much. Therefore, at the current level of oil prices, can still continue to maintain long thinking.

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Discussion on the Development Direction of Oil and Gas Industry from Five Key Words

The 22nd World Petroleum Congress is rich in information and can be reviewed and sorted out from five key words, including rebalancing, technology, change, energy transformation and cooperation. Meeting to reach a consensus, investment plus technology to drive oil and gas in the future. At present, the international oil companies pay more attention to upstream and downstream integration of balanced investment, asset optimization has become a trend. With the low cost of oil and gas industry has gradually become the main tone of development, oil engineering technology and development model innovation will become the engine of enterprise development.

From July 9 to 13, the 22nd World Petroleum Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Nearly 3,000 delegates from more than 90 countries, including representatives of heads of state, government ministers, business leaders and industry organizations, have held nearly 100 meetings around the theme of “bridging the bridge to the future of energy”. Meeting information is huge, I will review from the five key words and finishing.

The first key words: rebalance. At present, the entire oil and gas industry are struggling with low oil prices, the future market will usher in rebalancing, which depends on two indicators. First, the United States shale oil and gas production slowdown, the US shale oil is acting as the role of oil price regulation is expected this year, the United States shale oil investment will grow 53% in the United States have sufficient resources, the best technology, unique pipeline, Foundation, land all systems and government support, the US shale oil and gas industry will affect the world’s energy prices. Second, the decline in crude oil inventories. But in this process, there will be a lot of unknown problems, such as the recent Nigeria and Libya, the two did not participate in the production of OPEC countries a substantial increase in production, means that the market will slow down the rate of rebalancing. In the foreseeable future, oil prices may continue to hover between $ 45 / barrel and $ 65 / barrel.

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The second key words: technology. Low oil prices are also the way the oil industry forward, at a lower price, we will re-examine the cost, to promote technology, processing and other aspects of innovation to meet the low oil prices. Technological progress not only makes shale oil, deep water, heavy oil and other unconventional resources development capabilities continue to increase, but also makes the North Sea and other conventional oil field production increased again. US shale oil and gas costs fell to $ 40 to $ 50 a barrel from $ 70 a barrel in 2014 when oil prices fell, while oil and offshore oil breakage prices are close to $ 50 per barrel and Russian costs have fallen to $ 50 / barrel or less. US KBR has designed the GVA10000 semi-submersible platform to develop smaller oil fields that producers are beginning to focus on and can profit from $ 40 / barrel of oil prices; Exxon Mobil develops carbon capture fuel cells from seaweed Advanced biofuels; technological innovation also plays an important role in Papua New Guinea’s $ 19 billion worth of PNG liquefied natural gas projects, large-scale refineries in Singapore, Qatar and Iraq’s LNG projects.

The third key words: change. At present, the international oil companies pay more attention to the upstream and downstream integration of balanced investment, asset optimization and distribution of the trend, the merger between the oil companies will become the norm. With the low cost gradually become the future of the world oil and gas industry, the main tone of development, oil engineering technology and development model innovation will become the engine of enterprise development. In addition to Exxon Mobil, the other four major international oil companies in 2015 to 2016 stripping about 10 billion US dollars, the purpose is to balance the upstream and downstream business. Total controls capital and operating expenses, aimed at low-cost oil assets, while withdrawing some high-cost projects, down $ 2.3 billion in operating expenses last year, the target is to reduce $ 3.5 billion. General Electric completed the acquisition of Baker Hughes. Shell oil company to buy 47 billion pounds (70 billion US dollars) to buy the British Gas Group (BG). Western oil companies to speed up the integration of the entire technology chain, and strengthen the national oil company horizontal integration of strategic cooperation, service model to the integration, networking, personalized development. National oil companies are in the downstream market-oriented to speed up industrial upgrading or expansion in the upstream to profit-driven structure optimization, relying on innovation-driven reorganization or construction of the whole industry chain integration, to ensure the implementation of low-cost and energy strategy. Small and medium-sized oil companies rely on innovation to highlight the differentiated, specialized small and medium-sized companies are becoming the main body of diversified innovation.

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The fourth key words: energy transformation. Oil and gas is still an important resource to protect the world’s energy security, but in response to global climate change, clean, efficient, safe, low-carbon oil and gas industry is an inevitable trend. “It is expected that the renewable energy revolution will continue and the average annual growth rate will reach 7% by 2035.” In response to the Paris climate agreement call, countries have put renewable energy on the agenda, many of them, “said Disha Shang, executive vice president of BP Group. Big oil companies have begun to vigorously develop renewable energy business. Turkey plans to raise the share of renewable energy by 30 percent by 2023. Norwegian National Oil said low-carbon development will make the company more competitive in the future, the company’s current carbon emissions intensity of 10 kg / barrel oil equivalent, lower than the industry average of 17 kg / barrel oil equivalent, the goal is 2030 years ago Down to 8 kg / barrel of oil equivalent. China is at the forefront of the development of wind energy, solar energy, nuclear power and energy efficiency. In 2016, China’s energy investment accounted for 21% of the global total investment, is the world’s largest energy investment countries, including coal investment by 25%, clean energy power generation, power grid construction and energy efficiency investment is increasing, and through the combustible ice test The role of leadership.

The fifth key words: cooperation. All stakeholders, including government, oil and gas, academia and society, stressed that the world’s energy systems are undergoing major changes, and that many oil producers are experiencing a significant impact on the oil price cycle. The burden of operating pressure, the oil industry must cooperate to protect the energy future. Among them, OPEC stressed the need to strengthen cooperation with the United States and other non-OPEC countries to ensure oil supply security and market stability, after all, unilateral efforts are limited. Shale revolution to the United States to return to the status of oil-producing countries, OPEC deliberately cut production last year, from the United States and other non-Opel countries production has been rising, so that OPEC cut little effect. Wang Yilin, chairman of China National Petroleum Group, elaborated on the significance of strengthening the level of cooperation and cooperation between the “one side” and the promotion of mutually beneficial win-win cooperation. We stress that we should jointly promote the construction of Eurasian large channel, big market and big industry, community.

Russia will work with OPEC to reshape the oil market

According to Reuters, Russian sources say the Russian side is ready to reshape the oil market with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Moscow agreed with the multilateral proposal made by Saudi Arabia, the leader of OPEC, to meet the increasing production of Nigeria and Libya.

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With the Russian OPEC Affairs Consultative Officer, he said that he welcomed any achievements to meet the challenge to balance the rise of the oil market. Russia’s primary responsibility for balancing the oil market as its own and will continue to work with other oil-producing countries. Recently, a Saudi energy industry news that the hope that through other supply adjustment methods to coordinate the increase in production in Libya and Nigeria, and stressed that this need to work with other oil-producing countries.

Libya and Nigeria in recent weeks, the output has been the highest over the years, leading to market regulation delay. Six miners from OPEC and non OPEC member states, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, met in St. Petersburg, Russia, on July 24 to discuss the reduction and future plans.

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Neil Atkinson, head of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) oil market and industry sector, said in an interview that crude oil inventories would fall in the second half of 2017 due to OPEC production and support oil prices. However, the executives believe that oil prices will not rise too much, because the rise will only further encourage shale oil supply.

China’s secondary market for methanol gradually shrinking

In the first half of 2017, China’s methanol production was about 22.2 million tons, an increase of about 1.1 million tons, an increase of 5.1% over the same period last year; imports of about 3.9 million tons, compared with the same period last year decreased by about 350,000 tons, down 8%; apparent consumption 26 million tons, an increase of about 620,000 tons over the same period last year, an increase of 2.4%. China’s imports increased, imports were reduced, direct consumption and factory-to-factory trade increased, the secondary trade market gradually shrinking, which is the characteristics of the first half of the methanol market.

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The first half of the slowdown in imports

In the first half of 2017, China’s imports of methanol compared with the same period last year reduced by about 350,000 tons, exports over the same period last year increased by about 90,000 tons. Since October last year, the domestic commodity market generally rose sharply, hit a three-year high, prompting China’s imports of methanol last year more than 8 million tons, only the first half of imports of 4.25 million tons. This year, the relatively high price of methanol to stimulate the domestic methanol enterprises to high-load production, part of the perennial unopened device restart, the first half of China’s total methanol production increased by about 5% over the same period last year.

Domestic high-yield to a certain extent, inhibited the international methanol exports to China, and the first half of China’s exports (re-export) about 100,000 tons of methanol, an increase of 5 times over the same period last year, relatively inhibited the international methanol high prices. For the port market, the import reduction, re-exports increased, and did not cause the situation without goods available, on the contrary, the domestic port area stocks continue to maintain a relatively high, domestic and imported goods in the port market and even two rounds of price games, and occupy Part of the port market.

Traditional downstream demand is shrinking

Table for the first half of the traditional demand for methanol downstream

From the data point of view, the first half of 2017, the overall downstream of methanol showing a shrinking state, especially environmental protection, safety supervision and other formaldehyde caused by the demand for methanol greatly reduced. In addition, due to crude oil prices fell, liquefied petroleum gas prices continued to decline, a corresponding reduction in demand for dimethyl ether, thereby reducing the amount of dimethyl ether on methanol. In terms of actual demand, the proportion of traditional downstream demand continued to decline in the first half, while the proportion of methanol to olefins has exceeded 50%.

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Trade gradually changed

Production increased, apparent consumption growth, but the traditional downstream demand is declining, indicating that China’s secondary market for methanol continues to shrink. In 2016, China’s 39 million tons of production and 47 million tons of apparent consumption, of which about 21 million tons without direct trade into the downstream, accounting for about 44.68%, while the first half of this year, the proportion has risen to 46.15% about. Among them, the methanol to olefins plant own methanol accounted for the vast majority of the proportion, and part of formaldehyde, acetic acid, dimethyl ether, methane chloride and other factories also own methanol plant, strictly speaking, this part of the methanol is only intermediate, As a formal commodity appears in the market.

In addition to this part of the methanol plant directly to the downstream plant on the factory-like trade is also increasing, while the coastal Shenghong, Fu Tak, Xingxing and other olefins plant and occupy a large number of imported goods, so that traders left for the second trade Less of the goods. The first half of the nationwide carried out a long-term environmental protection, safety management, for the traditional scattered downstream of methanol caused no small impact, some small businesses were forced to shut down or even removed, the overall impact of the traditional needs of the downstream methanol. The Jiangsu Sheng Hong, Changzhou Fu Tak methanol to olefins plant to open, once again increased the methanol to olefins in the downstream of the proportion of methanol.

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

In the long run, China’s traditional methanol downstream of the operation through the perennial, the market has been basically close to saturation, there is no room for expansion, methanol-based olefin plant due to the larger amount of the majority of self-owned or about the way upstream. In recent years, with the environmental protection, safety supervision of the upgrade, part of the scattered methanol downstream is gradually being eliminated, this part of the demand will continue to reduce the trend for China’s secondary market for methanol, the extensive mode of operation is past, The future by the second trade links into the market of methanol, will gradually continue to reduce.

Recent market situation of pesticide market

Looking at the recent period of pesticide drug market, due to the problem of high production costs, leading to pesticide drug production enterprises operating rate further decline, pesticide drug market turnover rate is still at a low level, environmental pressure is caused by all this The main factor.


Last week, the market price of glyphosate had some fluctuation.

Recently, the price of glyphosate drug has been declining, the original drug companies pressure rise sharply, based on the market to buy up not buy, customer wait and see attitude, for enterprises, this is a vicious circle. From the beginning of last year, glyphosate tech in the year after the annual summary of June, began a new industry will meet, after part of the enterprise glyphosate offer has a rising trend, but most companies said the recent no goods can be sold , The company is meeting to discuss new product prices.

From the current market situation, the original price of glyphosate is not yet the conditions of price increases, is expected later, the original price of glyphosate will be up, but the real deal also need to market test.


Last week, the domestic market price of glufosinate original drug continued to develop steadily.

From the recent start of the enterprise level are at a high level, but the new single trading on the market more difficult, the main business to the main customer is expected to pay the main. Expected late, glufosinate original drug market prices will still have a certain rate of rise.

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)


Last week, the domestic market price of Chlorpyrifos drug continued to develop steadily.

The market price of Chlorpyrifos has been maintained at the same level for a long time from the recent market developments. The reason for this is that the demand for this phenomenon is due to the tension of the raw material intermediates and the downstream demand is still kept up, Demand time is more urgent.

Expected late, Chlorpyrifos tech market prices should be stable down the development.


Last week, the domestic market price of imidacloprid was steady development.

From the current level of market development, has been a lot of demand period, the overall demand was downward trend, so the original drug manufacturers in July orders can not be full. Although the original drug companies that their supply of tension, no goods available, in fact, the pressure on the enterprise is relatively large. Late, the original drug transaction price is still a certain decline in space.

Manganese Sulfate


Last week, the price of the original acetamiprid drug stable development.

At present, the domestic acetamiprid original drug market demand is low, but the original drug companies can start a small number, will cause tight supply situation. In fact, as long as the original drug business started, will be able to solve the current market situation.

Expected late, acetamipidine original drug market supply situation will not appear too much change, the original drug market prices will be steady development.

Sodium Molybdate

Lambda cyhalothrin

Last week, the domestic market price of cyhalothrin was the latest drug prices continue to develop.

By the downstream need to show the impact of tension, the original drug business started difficult, high efficiency of the original drug consumption of cyhalothrin further rise, but the overall market price is still lower than the previous period.

Expected late, the effective market price of cyhalothrin is the original market price fluctuations.


Last week, the domestic 80% of the market price of mancozeb wettable powder continued to develop steadily.

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Domestic manco zinc zinc enterprises have now formed a dominant phenomenon. Later, the market turnover of the market for Daisen’s manganese-zinc wettable powder may rise.


Last week, the domestic market price of phenylethylenedilazole drug continued to run smoothly.

Recently, the domestic production capacity of phenylethylenediazole raw agent continued to decline, mainly due to environmental factors difficult to start business. Although the downstream demand has been reduced downstream, but the early shortage of serious impact on the market is relatively large.

Chitosan oligosaccharide


Last week, the domestic market price of propiconazole drug steady development.

At present, the domestic propiconazole drug companies have basically cut production, some companies have begun maintenance plans, enterprises to sell inventory-based.

Expected late, propiconazole drug market prices will be stable down the development.


Last week, the domestic market price of azoxystrobin drugs steady development.

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But because the azoxystrobin product market price as a whole is relatively stable, so the product market price of the market will still have a certain range of rising prices.Affected by environmental factors, the domestic azoxystrobin drug intermediates supply tension, while the original drug production capacity is also subject to certain restrictions, the market price just to take this development.

Can the discovery of large-scale phosphate rock change the distribution pattern of world phosphate rock?

Recently, the exploration staff in Kaiyang County, Guizhou Province found a large phosphate, proven phosphate rock resources amounted to 801 million tons, equivalent to China’s largest phosphate – Kaiyang phosphate 22 years, the total amount of mining 2 times.

Stannous Sulphate

It is understood that the phosphate layer distribution range of nearly 50 square kilometers, the average thickness of 4.49 meters, the average grade of ore is a grade of high quality phosphate rock.

First of all, we first look at what kind of large phosphate rock:

First, China’s large-scale phosphate rock

“Sanyang Kai Tai,” the first of the Kaiyang phosphate, is well-known large-scale rich phosphorus-producing areas at home and abroad. Located in the hinterland of Guizhou, Kaiyang County West. Production area, including Ma Ping, with sand dam, sand dam soil, bliss, cattle rush, two fork river, new slope and other ore, the area of ​​about 85Km2.

Sodium Molybdate

The area of ​​phosphate rock reserves of more than 420 million tons, accounting for about 16% of the province’s total. Kaiyang phosphate is particularly famous for the quality of the ore, the region P2O5 content of more than 30%, an average of 34.2%, become China’s rare phosphorus-producing areas, and without mineral processing, can be used for high concentrations of phosphate fertilizer production. After years of exploitation, the rich ore accounted for the country to maintain the total amount of about 28% of the rich ore.

Kaiyang phosphate mine reserves of large reserves, high grade, less harmful impurities, heavy metal elements cadmium content is low, which content of more than 32% of the phosphate reserves accounted for 78% of the total reserves, is currently the only non-beneficiation can be Direct production of high concentrations of phosphorus and fertilizer important raw material base, is the ideal wet fertilizer and raw materials and production of pollution-free green phosphorus chemical products of high quality raw materials.

And Guizhou Kaiyang Qi called “Sanyang Kai Tai” is the Yunnan Kunyang, Hubei Xiangyang. Other large domestic phosphate rock is as follows:

Chitosan oligosaccharide

Second, the status and distribution of phosphate minerals

Phosphate ore industry chain:

1, the distribution of reserves in various regions of China

In the low-grade ore and more ore is less of China’s phosphate resources, one of the characteristics.

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93% of China’s phosphate deposits are low grade, high impurity content, P2O5 is more than 30% high grade phosphate reserves of only 1.069 billion tons, accounting for only 8.12% of the total reserves, even if the grade is greater than 26% Reserves will not exceed 3 billion tons, the average grade is only 16.95%.

China has proven phosphate resources in 27 provinces autonomous regions, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan are phosphate-rich areas, 5 provinces have identified the reserves of mineral resources (ore) 13.5 billion tons, accounting for 76.7 %, According to the average grade of mining ore, 5 provinces of phosphate rock reserves (P2O5) 2.866 billion tons, accounting for 90.4% of the country.

2, the world’s reserves distribution

Stannous Sulphate

Up to now, the global phosphate rock reserves of 67 billion tons, mainly in Africa, North America, Asia, the Middle East, South America more than 60 countries and regions, of which more than 85% of economic reserves concentrated in China, the United States, Morocco, And five countries in Jordan. Only Morocco accounted for 75% of the global total, while China is also one of the major phosphate rock.

Third, the relationship between supply and demand of phosphate rock

1, global phosphate production

US Geological Survey released in 2015, the global phosphate production data show that in 2014 the world’s total output of 220 million tons of phosphate rock, down 22%.

Sodium selenite

At present, the sustainable exploitation of phosphate rock resources is gradually reduced, and the origin is mainly concentrated in a few countries, the scarcity and irreplaceability of phosphate rock resources, the decision of this resource should be higher than other resources.

Data show that in the world’s 67 billion tons of phosphate reserves, Africa and the Middle East together close to 80% of the world, China only 3.7 billion tons of reserves to 2014 production estimates, China’s phosphate rock can be exploited less than 40 years, Far below the average annual mining time, not to mention with Morocco, Algeria these “high levels of phosphorus ore” gap.

2, China’s supply and demand situation

Benzalkonium chloride

At present, China can be mined reserves of phosphate reserves of only 2.111 billion tons of reserves, of which more than 30% of the rich ore is only about half of the current mining speed of about 20 years can be mined. This means that the phosphate resources will soon be depleted in the future, so the phosphate resources has been China’s qualitative as a strategic resource.

Before the introduction of national planning, some local governments have introduced the relevant policies and regulations of phosphate mining. According to the relevant data, global phosphate consumption growth has been higher than the global population growth, is expected in 2014-2018 years, phosphate consumption will be 9.2% growth rate, as shown below:

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

China’s phosphate rock industry, has been the lack of a strong phosphorus chemical industry to match. Small and scattered, the strength is not strong, with the phosphate rock resources and phosphorus chemical industry a series of management and development decision-making, history gave the industry a rare opportunity.

The introduction of national policy in 2015 conveys a clear signal that the country is paying more and more attention to phosphate rock resources.

Steady progress of the fungicide: mancozeb

Pesticide industry after so many years of development, a lot of traditional pesticide products have long been considered a variety of problems were eliminated, these are still active in the pesticide market fungicide, mancozeb is undoubtedly the most stable development of a fungicide Variety.

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

If the 5-year period of time to observe the market performance of fungicide manco zinc, it is easy to find its price is steadily rising trend. Among them, the original drug from the original 17,000 yuan (t price, the same below) climbed to the current 22,000 yuan or more, and during the little jump up and down the performance. The industry believes that the market structure of this market, and its product structure is continuously optimized and the market continues to cultivate and expand is inseparable.

The amount of steadily increased year by year

The reason why manson manganese is known as the “evergreen tree” in the fungicide group is due to its many advantages. One is very broad sterilization spectrum, the vast majority of fungal diseases are effective, but also control some pests; the second is not easy to produce resistance, listed more than 50 years

Chitosan oligosaccharide

There are obvious resistance; third is to promote crop growth, but also for crops to add trace elements; Fourth, excellent mix of mixed with almost all fungicides mixed to improve the efficiency and extend the treatment cycle.

“Over the past 20 years, the domestic planting industry for the use of mancozeb has shown an upward trend year by year, which is concerned with the food safety and environmental protection is inseparable.” Dai Sen manganese zinc low residue, spraying 2 months After the residue tends to zero, easy to ensure the safety of agricultural products. At present, the main application of fruits and vegetables, herbs and other high value-added areas of cultivation.

China Pesticide Industry Association executive vice president and secretary general Li Zhonghua said that with the use of pesticides in 2020, “zero growth” target approaching, and “one way along the” brought about by the opportunity to upgrade the domestic pesticide file, and to pay special attention to brand Shape and accelerate the development of formulations, in order to improve the added value of products and domestic and international market share.

Sodium selenite

Li Zhonghua’s view has also been confirmed by the market. It is understood that the current industry in addition to maintaining the original export of the original drug, the proportion of related agents also continue to rise, especially 80% of the generation of manganese zinc wettable powder favored by the market, the price has been raised to 38,000 to 4 million, and There are signs of continued bullish.

Product quality rising

The reason why the rise of manene manganese zinc year after year, is closely related with the continuous upgrading of product quality. It is understood that the formation of a large-scale production of mancozeb zinc, roughly in the late 90s of last century, but the quality of products at that time compared with multinational companies, there is a world of difference, the main reason is a large gap between the technical aspects of the main performance In product fineness. At the time of the process tradition can only reach part of the complex, produced by the product is manson manganese, generation of zinc, mancozeb mixture of complex, the general complex fineness of 40 microns, after grinding can reach 10 ~ 20 microns, the highest level of complex state can reach 5 to 10 microns. As these products have large particle size, short duration, in the flowering period, young fruit use is not safe, while product utilization is low.


Since the new century, especially in recent years, the domestic backbone enterprises through the active introduction of foreign advanced technology and continue to strengthen independent research and development, on behalf of the manganese grade to achieve world-class level.

“This is the true sense of the whole complex, non-grinding, a molding, the average particle size of 2 microns! Such a delicate product benefits are obvious.” Sun Jingquan said familiar, fine, means that no nozzle, Strong, resistant to rain erosion; performance for the dissolution of uniform fast, good film; can greatly improve the use of efficiency, protection of agricultural safety.

“As a result of advanced technology, equipment, environmental protection facilities, high input, and a substantial increase in product quality, which are rising prices continue to provide support.” Sun Jingquan said.

Benzalkonium chloride

Market development space is huge

The industry believes that with the expansion of the application areas, “13 · 5″ during the domestic and foreign demand for the market demand for the market will accelerate the expansion of the momentum. And in view of the higher threshold of technology and environmental protection, industry expansion rate is relatively slow, is expected to supply will be tight in the late, supporting the price of manco zinc prices continue to rise.

According to Jiang Bo introduction, the current generation of manganese in addition to the traditional use of areas continue to expand the use of, but also to the food industry to expand. For example, in the northern region has done field trials, the entire growth cycle in the wheat, the use of more than 10 kilograms per acre, but the realization of the wheat yield of more than 10% effect.

Bacillus thuringiensis

“Hyosulfuron is a vaccine-like prophylactic bactericide that protects against plant surfaces and is not absorbed, so it ensures food security.” Jiang Bo said, “Potatoes are now included in the range of staple foods, Will be used for more food processing. Potatoes are widely cultivated in China, especially in the northern region, and we are speeding up the relevant pilot work, and the potential market for mancozeb is huge.

Jiang Bo believes that the market space for the development of mancozeb also look forward to the “three rural” policy boost. At present, under the condition of rapid labor cost increase, the price of pesticide is reduced to secondary factor. With the speed of land circulation, the centralized management of land is conducive to mechanized spraying of pesticides, which can greatly reduce the labor cost and thus expand in the planting industry The application of safe and environmentally friendly pesticides, bringing the market for further prosperity of the market.

China’s oil companies break the monopoly of Europe and the United States and become Kuwait’s largest drilling contractor

Kuwait’s land area is only equivalent to Beijing, oil reserves account for about 10% of the world. For a long time, in this global large-scale oil producers competing stage, Europe and the United States occupy a dominant position, and there is no position of Chinese oil companies.

Today, the situation has changed: as of the end of the first quarter of this year, China enterprises in Kuwait to implement all kinds of engineering contracting projects 64, involving oilfield services, exploration, refining, housing, infrastructure, telecommunications and other fields, the total contract value of 13.7 billion EDTA 2Na

Chinese oil companies to enter the Kuwait market, through what kind of process? Working life in the desert, the Chinese oil workers are faced with what kind of environmental challenges? Reporter recently visited the southern part of Kuwait in the province of Ahmaddy Bourbon oil field, from which to find clues and answers.

With hard work to create performance, driving the Chinese oil equipment to the world

At noon, located in the desert area of ​​the Burggan oil field temperature reached nearly 50 degrees Celsius, the surface temperature is as high as 70 degrees Celsius. The rolling heat wave challenges the limits of human existence. Surrounded by sporadic few camels, rarely seen other animals.

Sinopec International Petroleum Engineering Company bid for the oil drilling project is distributed here. In less than 10 years, from the “single-handedly” into the Kuwaiti market, and gradually break the European and American companies on the monopoly of drilling equipment, has now become the largest drilling contractor in Kuwait, China’s oil companies rely on the strength to win the market, To create extraordinary achievements, for the Kuwaiti oil production to make outstanding contributions.

Benzalkonium chloride

2008, coincided with the outbreak of the international financial crisis, Sinopec International Petroleum Engineering Company Kuwait Branch General Manager Zhang Congbang led three teams to open up the Kuwait market. “First arrived in Kuwait, the law side is not enthusiastic about us, the Chinese people can complete the project on the high quality of doubt, I was thinking, we must break some of the world, for the Chinese oil companies name!” Zhang from the state reporter Frankly.

Zhang Congbang and his team first do is deep into the desert area, understand the competitors. Through the analysis, they found that Chinese companies and international well-known drilling companies, compared with a price advantage; compared with the local drilling company, a technical advantage.

In April 2009, in the fierce bidding competition, with 0.2% offer advantage, the Chinese company won the value of 860 million US dollars 15 drilling rig drilling contract, in one fell swoop into the Kuwait market.

Zhang Congbang memories, when the day and night even rotation, no time to cook, most of the time can only cook noodles.

Sodium selenite

Previously, the Middle East drilling market has been the world’s equipment in Europe and America, including the Kuwaiti National Oil Company, including the owners are required drilling equipment with a unified European and American equipment, top drive, sealers and other key equipment requirements more stringent. In this case, to promote China’s equipment to go out, Zhang Congbang led the team on the one hand take the initiative to contact with domestic manufacturers to understand the technical advantages of domestic equipment to help domestic manufacturers to establish and improve with the international quality control system, on the other hand, Technical parameters and data of domestic equipment with the Kuwaiti National Petroleum Company at all levels of management and technical exchanges and promotion, and invited the law to a number of equipment manufacturers in China, the field to understand the “Made in China” strength and level. “The Kuwaiti state oil company has agreed to introduce the Chinese equipment such as the sealer in the name of ‘trial’, and finally the quality and cheap Chinese equipment has been recognized by the party.

According to reports, the current introduction of the Kuwaiti market in China more than 4.3 billion yuan of equipment, equipment supporting localization of nearly 100%, not only to support the development of China’s oil equipment manufacturing enterprises, driven by China’s oil equipment to the world, but also broke the European and American equipment in the Middle East The monopoly.

Stannous Sulphate

“China ‘s manufacturing industry already has an excellent modern industry standard, and by using these machinery and equipment, our oil production is accelerating,” said Ayad Alkanda, vice president of Kuwait’ s National Oil Company, told this reporter.

“Every day from the drilling site back to the living area, covered with sand like unearthed cultural relics”

Work in the drilling site must wear helmets and sunglasses, the body covered with thick clothes, feet wearing thick shoes, in the sandy weather also wear facial towels. Do these protective, the reporter only 10 minutes in the field, the body is soaked, his face is burning hot feeling.

Bacillus thuringiensis

In the Kuwaiti and Iraqi border near the 282 well team, well captain Xu Jianxiong is commanding workers to drill operations. Reporters tested the temperature, up to 47 degrees Celsius. Xu Jianxiong said: “This is cool, the next two months, the maximum temperature will be 55 degrees Celsius.” Xu Jianxiong came to Kuwait in January 2015, due to a long time outdoors, the 80 after the Hunan young man with the same age People seem older than old.

Take out a bottle of 330 ml of mineral water, Xu Jianxiong said: “This water, we need to drink at least 20 bottles a day, because too much sweating, almost no need to go to the toilet.” This work environment for Human health is very unfavorable, the last return home leave, he found the kidney stones. Xu Jianxiong did not complain, “Since the choice to become an oil worker, I must do a good job!”

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Sandstorm is also a severe test of the construction. The vast majority of Kuwait’s land was covered by the desert, into the dust storm season, the wind almost every day swept the sunny sand, it is suffocating and despair. In extreme weather conditions, most of the operations can only be suspended, but in some key production jobs, there are still workers to work. “Every day from the drilling site back to the living area, covered with sand like unearthed cultural relics, shaking clothes, falling sand full of twenty – three.”.

The technical strength of the enterprises in China to provide support for the realization of national strategy

In 2014 the international oil prices fell off the cliff, the global oil engineering services market suffered severe winter. Sinopec International Petroleum Engineering Company Kuwait branch contrarian, in the international bid again to get a 1.15 billion US dollars drilling contract, Sinopec overseas drilling the largest annual record, and became Kuwait’s largest drilling contractor. At present, the Kuwait branch has 53 rigs, accounting for more than 45% of the Kuwaiti drilling market share.

Sodium Molybdate

Kuwait, although rich in oil reserves, but the basic industry is weak, the lack of professional and technical personnel, Kuwait National Oil Company has always wanted to enhance oil production is powerless. In order to transform oil wealth into industrial capital and promote economic development, the Kuwaiti government has formulated a strategic target of 400 million barrels of oil production in 2020 and stabilized to 2030. The arrival of the Chinese petrochemical team, Kuwait to achieve national strategy to provide a huge practical support.

The number is the most convincing evidence: the rig start to accumulate 4249 drilling days in advance, equivalent to the Kuwaiti National Oil Company additional operations more than 100 production wells, the daily increase of 20 million barrels of crude oil; by the end of 2016, the cumulative completion of drilling 737 , Workover 2742, the average per well than the design of the well construction cycle ahead of 3 to 5 days, which means that every day 30 million barrels of crude oil. For Kuwait additional operations 200 production wells, and the equivalent of daily production of crude oil 300,000 barrels.

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

From the original three team to the largest local drilling service providers, Sinopec’s victory, the Central Plains, North China, Southwest and East China a total of five regional companies 53 teams, more than 3,000 Chinese and foreign employees work hard in Kuwait. To the first quarter of 2017, the cumulative new contract amount of 3.011 billion US dollars, as a symbol of cooperation in the project.

Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Wang Di, said in an interview with this reporter, Kuwait is located on the Silk Road, Unicom, an important node, is the first response to “one side of the road” initiative and signed the relevant documents of the country, is China to build ” Important partner. “In the future, China will continue to cultivate new growth points for economic and trade cooperation to further strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the fields of oil and gas, energy, financial investment and science and technology, so as to make cooperation more So that the two peoples will benefit.