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Decline in coal prices weakened large coal enterprises turns downward price increase expected

With the northern end of the heating season in succession, the coal market into the off-season at a discount promotions sound. Faced selling pressure, Shenhua Group in April launched slashed the benchmark price of coal, Coal along with the price adjustment, large-scale coal enterprises increased coal prices downward expectations.

Following the main origin of coal vulnerable to stabilize prices port momentum weakened. April 1, Bohai thermal coal price index closed at 469 yuan / ton, down 4 yuan / ton, down significantly narrowed.

However, the decline of the coal city just suffered another challenge weakened. Since April 1, Shenhua is no longer very price, heat 5500 kcal thermal coal benchmark price for 462 yuan / ton, compared with the implementation of March prices down about 20 yuan / ton, after a year long association price subsequently canceled .

At the same time, to follow up the price adjustment Coal, coal calorific value of 5500 kcal power fell 460 yuan / ton, large concessions can be as low as 440 yuan / ton.

Under the background of large-scale coal enterprises in price, the Datong-Qinhuangdao line maintenance is being watered down to bring positive. Taiyuan Railway Bureau news show, April 6 to 30, the Datong-Qinhuangdao line for a period of 25 days will be focused on the repair of the spring, the port is expected to affect 5 million tons of coal. However, due to lack of demand, high inventories, the industry is expected to boost the role of the Datong-Qinhuangdao line maintenance is limited to the coal city.

Industry insiders believe that large-scale coal enterprises slashed the price of coal after April, lower than the market price is still a gap, coupled with the off-season to increase the pressure on the stock, the price of coal is hard to change in the short term downside expected.Barium chloride

On the 2015 Guangdong Province cement market trends

First, the 2014 Market Review: Double the amount of interest income, a new record high

2014, despite the country’s macroeconomic environment overall weaker demand growth in the cement industry have fallen sharply, but there are still some provinces get double the amount of interest received good results. Digital Cement data show that in 2014, Guangdong Province, the annual cement demand exceeded 150 million tons, an increase of 10 percent, the growth rate second only to Guizhou Province ranked second in the country (except Tibet); total profit of 6.528 billion yuan, an increase of 60 percent over 2011, the best year of 5.5 billion yuan, a new record high.

Guangdong Province, mainly due to the performance of two unique aspects: one’s own background of relatively strong regional demand, the third quarter of 2013, Guangdong Province to increase investment in infrastructure to provide effective protection for the cement demand; on the other hand in 2014, seven leading companies in the province we take the “climb up” measures throughout the year, the industry has played a key role in obtaining a good profit. Guangdong Province in 2015 to turn the cement market trends, combined with regional supply and demand, market prices and other relevant factors, we analysts believe that in 2015, Guangdong Province Cement industry profits remain in the country, but will be lower than 2014 levels.Polyvinyl Alcohol

Yuyao plastic raw material prices

Period (January 19 ~ 23), Yuyao China Plastics City plastic raw materials market decline eased, the market entered the consolidation trend. Ex-factory price increases driven by petrochemical companies, some follow the higher market price, plus the upstream monomer generally rebounded, market sentiment improved slightly. However, the downstream plants continue to wait and see, there are signs of improvement in the actual transactions difficult. Traders somewhat confused, caution based. Expected if the demand was not effectively enhance further the better recent market will meet resistance. kanken backpacks sale LDPE market decline slowed, and the prices a slight correction. Last weekend, the general mainstream of membrane materials offer in 9800 ~ 10,500 yuan (t price, the same below). The momentum of the current market decline has eased, but the downstream plant more hesitant to enter the market to cover short positions, effective demand is difficult to improve, the market is still full of resistance to the good. Finishing market outlook is expected will be based. cheap air jordans LLDPE atmosphere a little better, and the prices stabilized consolidation. Last weekend, the mainstream offer in 9500 ~ 10,100 yuan, back up from 100 to 300 yuan. Current market consolidation trend into the stage, due to the buyer’s market is difficult to have comparatively good performance, the market is too large to improve further difficulty. Slight fluctuations in the market outlook is expected will be based. High-density polyethylene dull market sentiment, market large stable of small move. Last weekend, drawing materials mainstream offer concentrated in 9650 ~ 9700 yuan, down 50 to 400 yuan; injection plastic supply less than normal, mainstream offer in 9200 yuan; film material quoted in the mainstream 9950 ~ 12,500 yuan; insulating material quoted in the mainstream 9850 ~ 11600 yuan. air jordans Consistent with the trend of all varieties, generally stable, partial adjustment. Outlook is expected to have a significant improvement is still hard. Polypropylene market consolidation, rose more or less. Last weekend, both poly Drawing / injection molding mainstream offer in 8700 ~ 9800 yuan, up 50 to 100 yuan; made copolymer material in the 9100 ~ 9800 yuan; import copolymer material in 9200 ~ 12,600 yuan; monofilament powder Ningbo Yongxing 045 for 9700 yuan. The current trend of improved upstream, many companies are taking advantage of the very petrochemical price, but market enthusiasm is difficult to raise the downstream plant. Outlook is expected to appear hard to completely changed the situation. PVC market weakness does not change, and the prices Zoudie based. air jordan Last weekend, ethylene quoted in the mainstream universal powder 6000 ~ 6050 yuan, 200 yuan each Zoudie. Due to the lack of positive stimulus, the downstream plant procurement initiative can not mobilize effectively reveal signs of heavy volume of transactions difficult. Outlook is expected to show a weak consolidation trend. Polystyrene dull market sentiment, and the prices were mixed. Last weekend, the general level of the mainstream offer in 8500 ~ 10,200 yuan; mainstream offer high impact level to 10,000 yuan in 9600. Consolidation trend in the current market. On the one hand, single rebound, offer strong petrochemical market undoubtedly inject warmth; on the other hand, the terminal needs to enhance the difficulty is still larger, downstream manufacturers in addition to maintaining the necessary purchase, but only a handful willingness to cover short positions. Slight fluctuations in the market outlook is expected will be based. ABS resin is difficult to gather market sentiment, prices stable Tandi. cheap nike air max uk Last weekend, quoted in the mainstream domestic ABS 11,600 ~ 14,800 yuan, Tandi from 100 to 600 yuan; imported ABS offer in 12600 ~ 14,800 yuan, Tandi from 100 to 400 yuan. Downstream manufacturers market enthusiasm is low, buyers and sellers is difficult to break the stalemate pattern.

Second, the 2015 supply of judgment: new supply small, localized area slightly changed

According to the survey, in 2015, Guangdong Province, is expected to add clinker production line 3 (Tong Chi Fu was stopped not count), a total of 6.82 million tons of new capacity. Mainly in Yangjiang, Meizhou, Zhaoqing three regions, namely Conch 12000t / d, oil pit 5000t / d and Resources 5000t / d. From the planned production time, the 2015 is able to play a meaningful role in the conch and oil pits two production lines, is expected to total about 2.4 million tons of clinker supply, converted four million tons of cement, China Resources Cement planned production time in December, the supply negligible.

From the geographical point of view, conch 12000t / d production line is located in western Guangdong, the PRD has little impact on the overall market, but the input of the local area, Jiangmen, Foshan and beiliu such as crowding-out effect will produce clinker, enterprises face competition Resources and Sinoma two, so the initial product launch in the market fluctuations are inevitable. 5000t / d cement clinker production line of oil pit located in the eastern region, the eastern region the current annual demand of about 20 million tons of cement, there are 300-400 million shortfall by the Fujian and Jiangxi foreign supply sources, new capacity into operation local market can digest.(