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The market dynamic benzene Market in November 26th

[chemical] America Gaede chemical network finance WTI Wednesday (November 25th) January crude oil futures closed up $0.17, or 0.40%, at $43.04 / barrel. American crude oil inventories rose less than expected, but Cushing stock and gasoline and distillate stocks a substantial increase in oil prices under pressure, but the number of active drilling oil once again reduced to provide effective support. Crude oil closed benzene market continued to rise, closing Eurasian narrow upward, American smooth operation of the market, on the positive effects on people limited operation. 25, the Asian benzene market closing both rose 12 U.S. dollars / ton, the South Korean newspaper FOB 628-629 U.S. dollars / ton, FOB Southeast Asia at $614-615 / ton. At present, domestic businesses offer strong benzene, but the downstream users face cost pressures on prices, there is resentment, firm turnover less smell. Hydrogenation of benzene as the raw materials of crude market rose, at the cost of support offer is strong, but weak demand, downstream users purchase mood is not high, or benzene market will be affected by the price, very difficult. Is the recent steady light benzene Market consolidation.

In November 26th, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical benzene Limited by Share Ltd temporary price stability, the implementation of 4600 yuan / ton. In the Northwest Petroleum Benzene prices temporarily stabilized, the implementation of 4600 yuan / ton, the export of normal, Urumqi petrochemical and Lanzhou Petrochemical to East China export prices 4650 yuan / ton, low inventory. In the Northeast Petroleum Benzene prices temporarily stabilized, Daqing petrochemical, Liaoyang petrochemical, Jilin petrochemical and Fushun Petrochemical 4600 yuan / ton, the export part of the supply in North China, mainly for personal use. Central sales branch of Sinopec benzene Guapaijia temporarily stabilized, Changling petrochemical refinery, Wuhan, Wuhan, Jingmen Luoyang ethylene implementation of 4600 yuan / ton, inventory pressure is not high, stable sales. Sinopec Southern China branch sales benzene execution price 4600 yuan / ton, the export is not much, the main contract delivery, inventory general. Sinopec North China sales company through the listing price of 4550 yuan / ton implementation. Normal inventory, stable sales contract. Qilu Petrochemical, Shijiazhuang refinery, Tianjin Petrochemical, Ji’nan refinery, the uniform implementation of 4550 yuan / ton. East China branch of Sinopec Sales benezene offer temporary stability, Shanghai petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical, Zhenhai uniform implementation of 4600 yuan / ton (factory). Shandong Dongming Petrochemical benzene group 30000 tons / year plant operating stability, price 4500 yuan / ton. (source: social business)