Is expected to rise slightly with monoammonium

With the arrival of spring fertilizer season, monoammonium phosphate market slow start . At present, enterprises continue to perform pre- orders, raw material prices and the cost of rail freight increases lead to increased pressure , manufacturers quite up , but the downstream fertilizer market in general, demand-pull fatigue, the new single turnover remained in general, 55% of the current mainstream monoammonium phosphate powder factory price 1900-2000 yuan ( t price , the same below ) . As the weather began to pick up , cotton and other crops , fertilizer will commence a large area , fertilizer demand will increase, thus boosting sales slightly pulled monoammonium phosphate . MAP prices see stability in the short-term , with the latter expected to slow slightly up .
Raw material price increases transportation of phosphate rock , sulfur , ammonia prices and transportation costs increase as a major factor supporting higher costs monoammonium phosphate , and in raw material prices steady conditions , monoammonium phosphate prices limited downside.
Sulfur overall stability maintenance . Yangtze sulfur prices fall again after a slight rebound in bulk particles mainstream price of 1,500 yuan . The current international price of high sulfur firm, domestic traders gradually began to accept the US- 220 Yuan CIF , the domestic spot market at high prices by international support, but large-scale procurement downstream peak subsided, small and medium factories and more demand procurement , port trade is not. Although February combined cargo to Hong Kong , but most sources are plants, there is no significant increase in the actual volume of trade . Sulfur market will be expected to post upward correction after narrowly mixed .
Phosphate rock slightly higher. Although the market price of phosphate rock light, but quoted stable. Parts of the cloud and snow weather affect the normal exploitation of the mine , the majority of mining enterprises for personal use , a small amount of outward . Downstream replenishment much, trading weakness. As the weather gradually gets warmer throughout the majority of plans to resume mining in the mining stopped in early March , the current stop mining enterprises have started to make early preparations for the resumption of mining . But the short-term market is still short of phosphate rock steady , exercise alone will increase late phosphate rock prices stable and slightly higher.
Ammonia weak downstream. Ammonia dominated the market with a weak stream , a few areas have ups and downs . Lack of positive support multi ammonia market , manufacturers Supporter existing prices in the main part of the region , but this round of price Linyi , northern Jiangsu and Henan down late or will affect the surrounding market , Hebei, Shandong and other places , or to break the existing pattern of steady narrow down.
Railway freight increase. February 14 , unified national rail freight tariff rates average 0.015 yuan per ton kilometer raise that from the current 0.1301 yuan to 0.1451 yuan . Vehicle agricultural fertilizers continue to enjoy free railway construction fund concessions, tariff rate raised to 0.113 yuan per ton kilometer 0.0976 yuan on . This price adjustment of 0.03 to 0.04 yuan much lower relative pre-market rumors , fertilizer manufacturers to bring some psychological comfort . Feedback from some enterprises situation, the price adjustment does not cause too much pressure, but in Sichuan , Gansu and other places, some manufacturers are more difficult to reflect the price increases , the latter may be considered in the scope of choice .
Fertilizer market steady for the better
It is understood that due to the sharp price increases rail freight rumors years ago , the downstream fertilizer factory pre- digested raw material inventory in succession , before the Spring Festival began to cover short positions , getting goods more abundant, and rushing to take the goods from the railway wagon . Sulfur in raw material prices led to high prices of DAP and rail freight cost pressures as well as international markets , driven by favorable double , regional fertilizer east, central and other edged up 50 yuan . Currently 45% of the chlorine-based compound mainstream factory price 1800 ~ 1900 yuan , 45% of compound fertilizer factory price 2150-2250 yuan.
Preparation basal fertilizer sulfur spring comes the peak of the downstream demand is relatively high. In addition , in order to balance the years has been to fight money dealers psychological, fertilizer manufacturers under pressure to perform regularly over the years, a slight price increase . However, this price can long , still need to look at new markets as well as a single volume of urea price changes . The end of spring , the weather has improved, reflecting the current enterprise transport stress reliever . In addition to the Northeast market will make up the volume late or 1/3 , the current overall market volume up much.
Indirectly affected by the sulfur market , some large enterprises sulfur basal fertilizer edged up 50 yuan ; volatility is not the short-term market price of urea , compound fertilizer market will not be too substantial adjustments in the short term.
Late deal with the rising slightly
According to the analysis , this spring, the most tangled monoammonium phosphate manufacturers , while raw material prices continue to push the cost ; hand domestic demand flat spring fertilizer procurement initiative in general, lack of demand-pull
Force , the new single transaction does not significantly improved. But manufacturers rose very strong emotions . Currently monoammonium companies rose heart eager hope , a little on , a good thought up favorable .
As the weather gets warmer, the fertilizer market has started stocking distributor demand gradually recovered, the latter with the downstream replenishment , monoammonium phosphate volume is expected to slow to follow up . Will begin in March improved spring when the official launch of prepared fertilizer , and fertilizer exports in April after the window period opens, monoammonium phosphate market may appear slight variations.
While exports from June some time , but middle peasants, and other large traders have started to prepare , corporate orders more, significantly increased volume , and some enterprises have low levels of diammonium phosphate April conversions Scheme ammonium particles. The current international MAP prices relatively stable , but the traders purchase for domestic orders play a supporting role. Therefore, the current monoammonium running smoothly, the latter increases with the traders of orders expected steady rise .( supply)