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Russia polyethylene imports fell 14%

According to the Russian and world market research of polyethylene and polypropylene, polyethylene 2013 Russian imports decreased by 14%, the data of the Russian Federal Customs Authority has proved this point. For the period 2010-2012, and this is in stark contrast to the strong growth in imports of Russian polyethylene.

Analysts estimate that in 2013 the proportion of imports of polyethylene polyethylene market and 34% of the Russian total.

In the import structure, whether it is expressed in kind, or in the form of value that the dominant other polyethylene, which accounted for more than 45% share of total imports of ethylene polymers. Linear polyethylene imports about 21% of the proportion.

It should be noted that, for many years Korea has been a major supplier of polyethylene products in Russia, which accounted for 17% of Russia’s share of total imports, followed by Saudi Arabia ranked Belarus third.

Supply to the Russian market of the three largest manufacturers of polyethylene for BOREALIS, SABIC and THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY. Among them, the proportion of BOREALIS supply companies accounted for 16% of Russia’s total imports of polyethylene.
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Methanol business after market or continue very price

“One year, but each year, only wish happy does not envy cents, along liking heart to make more money.” Although just a small laugh, but expressed the aspirations of the current methanol enterprises. Small year has passed, “Big Day” is approaching Chinese New Year methanol enterprises can lead a pleasant years?

According to the Futures Daily reporter, from the end of last year to this year, the high price of rare rare low-cost, most of the domestic methanol business experienced a “rainbow night” test. Especially this year, the main producing areas of the northwest lower methanol prices, even hovering in the cost line. And some small methanol business sales areas has long been discontinued, most manufacturers difficult.

However, it is worth mentioning that, methanol prices all the way down a turning point in the month.

“Pre-northwest price row library business, attracting a large number of downstream and brokers hunters, easing Northwest shipments difficult situation. And recently, as international crude oil prices rebounded, methanol brief rebound, a good majority of the Northwest business signings.” Yu Peng Sen in IT analyst reports, recently began to focus on the Northwest downstream firms with foreign mining goods during the Spring Festival, which contains methanol to olefins business, methanol aromatics business, DME companies. Foreign mining companies to focus effectively solve the difficult export during the Spring Festival methanol northwest problems. Peng Sen, according to estimates, the total amount of about 60,000 tons, “You could say, the main producing areas northwest of methanol sales short worry.”

On the other hand, by the warm winter weather, this year’s relatively smooth road transport, the main producing areas in the northwest of methanol supply during the Spring Festival and more companies have been pre-finished, some companies even have a single sign to the end of the sale, to ease pressure on the stock sharply. According to Yu information statistics, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, the main business of the current methanol prices in the 1350-1500 yuan / ton, on the whole, than the early rose 50 yuan / ton.

“In fact, at this time is in the northwest of companies to raise prices to convey a message to the market: the pressure has been lowered, low price is no longer” relevant personnel of a methanol production enterprises in Hebei sales department, told reporters, in fact, the progress of the current downstream stocking the Area mixed. Among them, there are still some companies have not yet Linyi stocking, in a wait period is expected to last two days before the last round of the stocking will usher in a small peak; downstream business Zibo, Dongying, or will continue to purchase more normal driving downstream. The Henan supply is relatively tight, smooth shipping companies, major business inventories remain low, pressure is not.

According to a German futures analyst Hu Xin introduced, methanol prices this year compared to last year, down more than 1000 yuan / ton, therefore, from a profit perspective, business is difficult to say “satisfactory.” But given the current methanol prices have rebounded into the bottom of the stage, the presence of rising international oil prices positive impact on DME, MTBE and methanol downstream polyolefin market, and demand is expected, there have been signs of improvement, which makes the business of the future methanol prices have expectations rise.

It can be said that at present, most of the methanol companies still see the dawn, saw hope, can live a pleasant year. Shrinkage rising market, exciting Festival, is a true portrayal of domestic methanol market.

For now, in the overall pressure on the stock is not the case, corporate holiday very price will be more intense, short-term or spot market after the holiday methanol a stable situation. “With the holiday if the downstream business up stock market will continue to rise in the short term momentum, but it also needs to be given with the international crude oil prices by very price.” Hussin believes that in the long term, if oil prices continue to rebound, methanol each lower operating rates rising, demand appears substantial positive, methanol market booming trend will continue to be staged.Sodium Metabisulphite

February 9 domestic potash market

February 9, domestic potash prices temporarily stable. Among them, the mainstream ex-factory price of heavy potassium carbonate at

about 5700 yuan / ton, light potassium mainstream ex about 6000 yuan / ton; domestic industrial-grade potassium nitrate factory

price is about more than 4400 yuan / ton, mostly in agriculture level about 4100 yuan / ton, trading slightly lower prices. (These

prices have not yet distinguish detailed specification properties, only the data for reference). Manufacturers adjustments based

on market prices and specific factors, continued weak market operation, is not optimistic. Chinese New Year approaching,

manufacturers started reducing potash market rigid demand.(Barium chloride)

February 3 in Beijing vitamin price quotes

February 3, Beijing area feed grade vitamin A prices remain at near 115 yuan / kg, feed grade vitamin E (tocopherol) prices in the vicinity of 50 / kg, the price low. Vitamin A commodity index February 2 to 94.86, the highest point in the cycle compared with 136.24 points (2014-06-08) dropped by 30.37%, compared with March 10, 2013 the lowest point of 88.79 points, up 6.84 percent.Sulfamic acid

Oil prices fell daily chemicals market is still strong

Last weekend, in Beijing MerryMart grocery shopping after work late because Chow did not catch the day’s promotional activities and somewhat lost. “Just wanted to store some softener, detergent, normal price is a bit high, so when you want to catch the promotional activities hoard point,” he said, “not to say that oil prices it? It stands to reason that the placement of cosmetic products price Yeah, how ? kinda of “Chow is not only have such doubts, and now many people want to know the whole story: oil prices have so much to oil as the source of daily chemicals prices ye so strong it? Shashi Hou cheaper price point?

According to a large supermarket and other staff MerryMart introduced, in addition to the usual promotional activities carried out at the end, the recent most daily chemicals and no significant price phenomenon.

Rise in international crude oil prices, was one of the main reasons for cosmetic companies raise product prices. In recent years, as oil prices climbing, Japanese products yearly price increases have become the norm, even once the Japanese giant collective prices, causing great concern in the community and relevant administrative departments. Today, however, $ 100 / barrel oil prices is over and the new year 2015, the international crude oil prices fell swoop fell below 50 US dollars / barrel. Domestic petrochemical market followed this decline, down more than half of the product. According to monitoring China Petrochemical Association, the 2014 focus on monitoring the 188 kinds of petrochemical products, prices fell in 76.6%. In the fall of a sound environment, the daily price of the product stays on the reasons?

Zhejiang, a detergent manufacturer’s official said that Japanese enterprise and general petrochemical enterprises of different raw material costs accounted for cosmetic products is very low, its price mainly by supply and demand relations, branding and other decisions. For cosmetic products, into packaging, transportation, advertising and other aspects of the cost accounted for the vast majority, because the profits on products rely mainly on premium brand to achieve. In recent years, cosmetic companies have invested heavily in branding, this expenditure ultimately by the consumer to pay.

“When the price increases, we have to take in crude oil prices that matter, but the linkage effect oil prices and daily chemical products have already been weakened.” Guangzhou, a Japanese enterprise responsible person, the main raw material has a lot of Japanese products are palm oil and coconut oil, so the sharp decline in crude oil prices linkage effect is not strong. Compared to increase raw material price volatility, corporate labor costs, the cost of spending channels is “big head.”

Zhejiang Brand Culture official Xu Jian Chuan Chemical Group has just said that the reason why the price of raw materials and daily chemicals prices steady, first, because the change in the price of a lag, oil prices transmitted to the terminal takes time. Second, because the day of production with a focus on the competitors, generally “He does not move, I do not move”, not easily cut prices. According to reports, now rumors have been part of daily chemical industry products manufacturing companies ready to lower prices, mainly domestic brands of cleaning products. Perhaps this is the majority of consumers can be considered a blessing.Sulfamic acid