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R22 tight production quota push prices upward slightly optimistic about next year Quotes

Due to rising raw material prices, production quotas tightening and other factors, the recent R22 refrigerant prices rose

slightly, the manufacturer gave traders also fewer concessions, analysts agree that the second half of R22 to maintain the current

13,700 yuan / ton price level is no problem, as the shut down of production capacity next year, the market supply is reduced, R22

prices will continue upward.

According to the business community branch refrigerant chemical analyst Gao Zhai said that the current R22 manufacturers offer at

14,000 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price 13,700 yuan / ton, compared with prices in late August, up about 3%. He said the

reason is that the rise in prices of raw materials prices and chloroform tense due to quota factory operating rate fell, “like

Dongyue Group’s current operating rate is only about 50%.”

“The second half, it is estimated that the price is now, because the downstream demand is not good, the possibility of R22

continue to rise sharply, to officially begin production next year out, the price will continue to rise.” Gao Zhai said.

Zhuo record information refrigerant analyst Xu Yanbin said, from the current situation, the production quota to November will be

very tight, to December could basically run out of words. But because the current R22 at high prices, so the market is mainly

dependent on the second half of October after the downstream market, if the downstream demand is good, then the price or may also

rise. In addition, he is more optimistic about the same price next year’s R22.

On the 16th, the ministry held in Beijing in 2014 the International Ozone Layer Protection Day celebrations, and published the

first batch of Chinese HCFCs (HCFCs) production line shut down enterprises list items. The first batch of a total of five

companies closed five HCFCs production line, out of HCFCs production quotas totaling 58,864 tons, corresponding HCFCs production

capacity of 88,000 tons / year. Five companies, Jiangsu Blue Planet Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou FTSE

Chemical Co., Ltd., Yantai Swiss Chemical Co. all off HCFC-141b production line, a total amount of 25,627 tons out of production

quotas; Ying Peng Chemical Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Dongyang Chemical Co., Ltd. were off an HCFC-22 (R22) production line, the

amount of 33,237 tons out of production quotas.

According to the requirements of Article 19 Conference of the Parties “Montreal Protocol” No. 6 of the resolution, China needs in

2013 will HCFC production and consumption freeze in 2009-2010 the average level of 2015 level of 10 freeze-out %, in 2020

eliminated 35 percent, eliminated 67.5% in 2025, to 2030 HCFC phase-out of all manufacturing production and consumption. HCFC

phase out mainly around R22, R141b and R142b launched three products.(Related: chemicals)

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A: The Downham station did not have a sprinkler system. There is no legal requirement for a fire station to fit one. We promote them as being the best way of reducing the loss of life and preventing the spread of fire, and the new fire station being built at King’s Lynn is sprinklered in order to prevent fires like this causing damage.

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Lt. Alex Perez, who has worked with the Inglewood Police Department for 13 years, will become the department’s interim police chief March 1 while a search for a new police chief is begun. Perez, 43, will step in a day after Police Chief Oliver Thompson retires Feb.

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The industry’s retort to dismissal of its principal economic argument is to appeal to concerns about the high transition costs that declining consumption might create, focusing on tobacco industry workers thrown out of jobs. A particularly poignant image is that of poor tobacco farmers, their livelihood constantly in jeopardy because of the public health assault on tobacco. Certainly, any rapid decline in tobacco consumption could create transitional problems, for example brief periods of unemployment for cigarette plant manufacturing workers before they found new jobs, some in the industries that expand because of the reallocation of consumers’ spending.

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Let’s set the record straight, so that we don’t have to keep having this argument every few years: Joe Paterno was a cancer to Penn State, who rotted the school’s priorities and empathy to such a degree that his disciples are, at this moment, contorting themselves to honor his corpse at the expense of the people who were victimized during his tenure victims who are being completely ignored in this equation. But that’s nothing new; Paterno’s most loyal backers only ever mention Sandusky’s victims as a pre emptive defensive mechanism,
because they’ve learned that most non Pennsylvanians find their views on JoePa morally repugnant. “Of course I care about those kids” is just a cudgel Penn State loyalists use in what they see as a crusade for justice, with the outrage in question not being that a bunch of kids got raped, but that an 83 year old man who was about to die anyway got fired from his sports job..