Monthly Archives: September 2016

Ministry of Environmental Protection released the emission standard of chlorine alkali industry

In August 30th, the Ministry of environmental protection issued 5 new standards for pollutant emissions, including the General Administration of quality supervision, together with the release of the “caustic soda, PVC industrial pollutants emission standards”. Ministry of Environmental Protection Technology Standards Department Director Zou Shoumin said that the implementation of the new standards, the domestic chlor alkali enterprises to meet the requirements, the total investment in sewage treatment facilities of about 2 billion 200 million yuan, annual operating costs of about 400 million yuan, accounting for 0.8% of production costs; in the exhaust gas treatment facilities on a total investment of about 2 billion 400 million yuan, annual operating costs of about 200 million yuan, accounting for 0.4% of production costs, will be within a certain period so that the cost of production industry rise.

It is understood that the new standards to increase air pollutant emissions control requirements, adjust the water pollutant emission control projects, and tighten the relevant control requirements, the abolition of the management of sewage by the direction of grading. The implementation of the new standard is expected after the wastewater COD, BOD five, total mercury and vinyl chloride emission compared with the implementation of existing standards, respectively, 67%, 67% and 77% reduction 87%; exhaust particulate, vinyl chloride, non methane total hydrocarbon emissions and the implementation of the existing standards, respectively, by 51% 72%, 58%.