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Spring nitrogen urea prices fell consolidation or crisis

Fertilizer market remains steady upward trend, some companies recently raised the factory price. Main reason: rail freight increases, the cost is pulled high, high sulfur prices of raw materials to support AP markets. Ming recently presented raw urea overall steady kicked upstairs, Shandong Province actual transaction has to 1550-1600 yuan / ton, neighboring Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places prices are also down 20 yuan / ton amplitude. Spring nitrogen fertilizer demand in the main recipe, a large proportion of the cost of nitrogen fertilizer, urea dismal performance but did not form a good support.
With the weather warming downstream aspects of the market slow start, gradually expand grassroots fertilization,3-April comes with a fat little peak businesses or give up a single glimmer of good news for fertilizer markets. Overall market recovery will take time. Up to now the market factory price remained at 45CL (3 * 15) 1770-1950 yuan / ton, 45S (3 * 15) 2100-2250 yuan / ton. Expect no substantial improvement in fertilizer market this week, waiting for grass fertilizer manufacturers fully open.(http://www.lubonchem.com supply)