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The continuous development of printing and dyeing industry effectively pull the demand for dye products

As a direct downstream industry of the dye industry, China’s printing and dyeing industry in the “Eleventh Five-Year” period has developed by leaps and bounds. Printing and dyeing cloth production average annual growth of 10.69%, industrial average annual output growth of 15.05%, average annual sales growth of 15.10%, sales rate to maintain a high level. Sodium Molybdate

After 2011, by the labor, raw materials and energy costs, energy saving and environmental protection pressures increasing and the industry as a whole into the transformation and upgrading period and other factors, printing and dyeing cloth production from 59.330 billion meters in 2011 to 509.53 in 2015 Billion, but the printing and dyeing industry, fixed asset investment has been gradually restored, the total investment in the industry, the number of new projects to maintain a high growth rate, printing and dyeing enterprises operating income and profits improved significantly. Therefore, the continuous development of China’s printing and dyeing industry will effectively protect the demand for dye products.

After years of continuous competition and integration of market competition, China’s dye production concentration continues to increase, the industry has the scale, technology, capital and first-mover advantages of enterprises, such as Zhejiang Longsheng, Runtu shares, Jihua Group, etc. have The development of adult sales of billions of dollars of enterprise groups, Zhejiang Longsheng, Runtu shares, Jihua Group, the total output of dyes, more than the next year, has been ranked the top three national dye production, has become a world-class dye companies
Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)

The Ukrainian government approves the zero tariff bill on fertilizer imports

Ukrainian Interfax news agency May 18 news, the Ukrainian government on the day of the adoption of fertilizer import zero tariff bill.

“The implementation of zero tariffs on nitrogen fertilizer imports will address the issue of protecting farmers from seasonal fluctuations in prices and significantly reducing the cost of domestic farmers (production).” This decision was aimed at revising anti-dumping on Russian fertilizer, the Minister of Agriculture Policy and Food, Tax case is particularly important.

Crude oil and then cut production is expected to push up oil prices, domestic refined oil prices will rise

OPEC (OPEC) and non-OPEC oil producers will meet in Vienna on 25th, and it is widely expected that these “oil centers” will extend the implementation of the existing production agreement until the end of March next year. By this boost, the recent sharp rise in international oil prices.

However, some clues show that oil-producing countries cut production is still difficult to supply excess ills.

Overweight is expected to boost oil prices

Domestic refined oil prices rose Stannous sulphate

Originally due to high inventory and worry about crude oil bulls in the last week ushered in a glimmer of hope. Turning from Saudi Arabia and Russia’s position, both sides agreed that the cut-off agreement should be extended for nine months to March 2018. Iraq, Venezuela and Qatar and other countries followed by support.

The cut-off agreement began at the OPEC meeting held on November 30 last year, and the parties decided to cut their daily crude oil output by 1.2 million barrels, which was the first time that the organization had decided to cut production in 2008. 11 non-OPEC oil-producing countries agreed to cut the daily production of 55.8 million barrels of oil.

Cut the agreement is expected to be extended to boost the recent trend of international oil prices. Last week, New York and London crude oil futures prices rose more than 5% in recent months, while Beijing time at 17:28 on the 22nd, NYMEX crude oil futures prices rose 0.72% to $ 50.69 a barrel, Brent oil prices in the Flat plate near the fluctuations.Bacillus thuringiensis

In this context, a number of institutions are expected to limit the domestic refined oil this week will be up again.

Zhuo record information analyst Meng Peng told the Shanghai Securities News, this cycle, OPEC extended production agreement and the possibility of a substantial decline in US crude oil stocks and other factors to boost the overall rise in international prices as a whole, which will lead to 24 May 24 , Domestic refined oil retail price ushered in the increase.

According to Zhuo record data monitoring model shows that as of May 19 closing, the domestic 7th working day crude oil rate of change closed at 2.75%, the corresponding increase in refined oil price limit of 95 yuan / ton. Due to distance adjustment window is still open 3 working days, and the recent sharp decline in crude oil prices are unlikely, so at 25:00 on May 25, the domestic refined oil retail price will usher in the increase, and eventually raised Amplitude or reach 120 yuan / ton or so.

Longzhong Petrochemical Network pointed out that as of May 19 of the comprehensive rate of change in crude oil was 3.19%, is expected to domestic retail price of refined oil corresponding increase of 100 yuan / ton. Sodium selenite

The pace of global inventory to slow down

Crude oil bulls “enemies” more

Despite the profit brought about by the excitement of the market. However, some clues show that crude bulls still need to face many “enemies”. Bear the brunt of the American manufacturers.

OPEC released this month in the oil market monthly report pointed out that the continued growth of US oil production on the crude oil market supply and demand balance pressure, while affecting international oil prices to pick up. Energy service company Baker Hughes data show that as of May 19 of the week, the US drillers to increase the eight active rig, has been the first 18 weeks to increase, the duration of the second longest ever. The total number of active rigs is the largest since April 2015.

In addition to the United States, the Wall Street Journal noted that the rise in Canadian and Brazilian oil production and the small increase in Norwegian production have not yet attracted the attention of some oil traders. According to the media for a survey of five oil research institutions and investment banks, excluding the United States and OPEC led the 24-nation alliance, the top five oil-producing countries may increase the daily output of about 30 million barrels.Chitosan oligosaccharide

Reuters found that since OPEC began to cut production in January this year, from Houston to Singapore and other regions of the oil traders began to empty a large number of oil in the tank. However, many of these storage tanks are now recovering from stocks, or stocks falling faster than investors and oil companies expected. From Asia’s Malacca Strait, to the ports of the Nordic and Gulf of Mexico, global oil-to-stocking has slowed down or even reversed.

In the short term, the overall upward trend in international crude oil does not change, but the range is limited, the domestic refined oil market to weak operating mainly downstream demand boost, the Dragon Boat Festival before the domestic finished product Steady market push up, in some areas were mixed, to refining the basic bottom of diesel, it is recommended that domestic traders to recover more carefully.

Early May market offer lower, followed by the price into the shock pattern, has been half a month, although the futures market volatility is more intense, but the latex market price is not up or down does not fall down, business traders generally enthusiastic downturn. Sodium Molybdate

The specific reasons are as follows:

Why is it difficult to rise?

First, the downstream products business needs in general, the Spring Festival has not appeared in the centralized procurement of the market. The market before the rally caused the traders and downstream products business stocking up, but after the holiday market deviation from the expected large volume of the market, prices continue to fall, the products business “buy up do not buy” mentality of continuous fermentation, procurement Caution, the inventory cycle is maintained in a relatively short period of time. In addition, environmental monitoring normalization. Gaomi, Foshan, Tianjin, Wenzhou and other places have been significantly affected. Especially in the northern region, the central special approved Xiong’an District, Dazu village balloon production base production situation is limited, and “area along the way” summit to further limit the needs of Beijing and Tianjin around.Bacillus thuringiensis

Second, the domestic production area of ​​Hainan has been cut, the domestic rubber gradually began to enter the market, because the price is lower than the import of plastic, there is a certain price advantage, the industry and more worry about the increase in domestic latex production will constitute a certain impact on the latex market The

Why can not fall Chitosan oligosaccharide

Beginning in April, the import price of imported latex imports increased significantly, the import price of more than 1550-1700 US dollars / ton. While the high price is bound to limit the replenishment of emotions, and thus more than a month to the market supply to Hong Kong is also relatively tight. With the early low-cost supply of digestion, high-cost supply to enter the market, businesses do not want to lower. Coupled with the gradual tightening of the stock, the market conditions to form a certain support.

Based on the above reasons, the current imports of latex market into stalemate, the market to pay more than just to purchase the main. However, Jin Lianchuang is expected, the current pattern of shock will not last long. With the domestic rubber into the market, the downstream products business or will start a wave of buying market, or give the market a certain operating opportunities.

Coal production recovery, short-term coal prices are still expected to fall

According to data released by the Bureau of Statistics, in April, raw coal production of 290 million tons, an increase of 9.9%; daily production of 9.82 million tons, an increase of 150,000 tons in March. January-April, raw coal production of 1.11 billion tons, an increase of 2.5%. Raw coal production grew faster, mainly due to lower coal production in the same period last year, compared with March daily average of only 1.5%. Sodium Molybdate

April, by the end of the heating season, reduced demand, the impact of increased supply, Qinhuangdao port coal prices have come down. The end of April, 5500 kcal coal open price of 649 yuan per ton, down 10 yuan lower than in early April; 5000 kcal 571 yuan per ton, down 37 yuan; 4500 kcal 506 yuan per ton, down 37 yuan. Bacillus thuringiensis

From the current situation, according to CCTD China Coal market network monitoring data show that Qinhuangdao port coal stocks on May 18 to 5.855 million tons, up 17.1% over the previous month, the number of stocks increased significantly. Coastal six power plant inventories have been restored to more than 12.293 million tons, the number of days available has risen to about 20 days.
Chitosan oligosaccharide

Power plants, port stocks remain high, hydropower can be expected to increase, slow down the pace of downstream procurement is expected to short-term decline in coal prices, with the summer peak of the arrival of electricity, the latter part of the price may stabilize stabilized.

The EU will submit a request for a decade of glyphosate

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) study released in March did not include glyphosate in carcinogens, saying the substance can cause severe eye damage and is toxic to aquatic organisms and has a long-term impact on it. But the existing scientific data can not support the glyphosate into a class of carcinogens, or teratogenic or reproductive toxicity. Subsequently, the European Commission and the EU member states on the continued use of glyphosate ten years to negotiate this issue. Up to now, the date of consultation between the EU and representatives of Member States has not yet been finalized. paraquat

Although the World Health Organization’s cancer organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has classified glyphosate as a “carcinogenic” substance, but many other government regulators, including the United States, believe that glyphosate, a herbicide, is unlikely to increase Human risk of cancer.

The EU says glyphosate is the core component of the Roundup herbicide and should not be classified as a carcinogen. A spokesman for the European Commission said, “We will take into account the latest scientific research results, and will work with member countries to seek a support from the community to provide solutions.”

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) says glyphosate “is unlikely to cause carcinogenic harm to humans” and supports ECHA’s findings.

“It is pointless to think that glyphosate is at risk,” said Bart Staes, a member of the European Parliament’s Green Group.

The European crop protection organization said that glyphosate continued to decline ten years is too short, should apply for a longer period of time, this is a “short-sighted” behavior. Fipronil

According to IARC data, glyphosate was registered in more than 130 countries in 2010 and is one of the world’s largest herbicides. Analysts expect that if glyphosate is banned in Europe, Monsanto will lose $ 100 million in sales.

OPEC production-cut agreement is expected to extend to March 2018, oil prices rose about 2% on Monday

US WTI crude oil futures on Monday (May 15) closed up 1.01 US dollars, or 2.11 percent, reported 48.85 US dollars / barrel. Brent crude futures closed up $ 0.98 on Monday, or 1.93%, at $ 51.82 a barrel. Saudi Arabia and Russia, the two major oil-producing countries to support the extension of the agreement to extend the agreement in March 2018, crude oil bulls greatly encouraged, while the dollar weakened for oil prices to provide a strong support. US WTI crude oil futures hit a maximum of 49.66 US dollars / barrel, Brent crude oil futures hit a maximum of 52.60 US dollars / barrel. Benzalkonium chloride

Fundamentals positive factors:

US dollar on Monday defensive, before the release of the US economic data less than expected, and the DPRK weekend missile test also supported the safe-haven currency yen. The announcement of the New York Fed May manufacturing index unexpectedly fell to negative, to the dollar long “a blow”, the dollar fell more aggravated. Weak dollar for oil prices has brought some support.

Saudi Arabia and Russia, the world’s top crude oil producer on Monday (May 15) issued a joint statement, said the extension of the production agreement extended to March 2018, to help solve the problem of excess supply, so that oil prices rise. “Crude oil inventories have started to fall, but we have not yet reached the target of falling to the 5 – year moving average, and we have agreed to extend the agreement on the cut – off agreement,” he said in a statement issued in Beijing.

OPEC latest monthly report, including Nigeria and Libya, including April OPEC crude oil production fell 1.8 million barrels / day to 31.73 million barrels / day. Although Saudi Arabia production has rebounded, but the country’s production rate is still greater than the commitment target. 11 OPEC member countries that needed to cut production were reduced to 29.674 million barrels per day in April, below the target of 29,804,000 barrels per day. However, OPEC raised its non-OPEC crude oil production estimate in 2017 to an increase of 95 million barrels per day, an increase of 37 million barrels from the previous month and a previous value of 58 million barrels per day. Sodium polyacrylate

Non-OPEC oil Turkistan and Equatorial Guinea also expressed willingness to cooperate with the cut, although the two countries of crude oil production is not great, but help OPEC to expand the scope of production plans. Algeria and Iraq have recently expressed support for the extension of the agreement. At the same time sources said the OPEC oil-producing countries, which are dominated by Gulf member states, are discussing plans to extend production for nine months, which will cover the first quarter of 2018, when crude oil demand will appear Seasonal weakness, so the impact of oil-producing countries will not be too large financial revenue. However, analysts pointed out that even if the cut agreement is extended, is expected to not expand the existing scale of production.

Russian Ministry of Energy issued a statement saying that the country has been on May 1 since last October production on the basis of production cut 30.079 million barrels / day, more than the previous commitment to cut production targets. At the same time in April Russian crude oil production fell slightly to 11 million barrels / day. At the same time, Russia’s energy minister Alexander Novak pointed out that after talks with senior domestic crude oil companies, Russia has begun to support the extension of the cut-off agreement. HEDP

Fundamentals negative factors:

US oil company Baker Hughes (Baker Hughes) on Friday (May 12) released data show that as of May 12 the week, the US oil active drilling increased by 9 to 712, recorded for 17 consecutive weeks at the same time Continued since April 2015 a new high. Last year, the number of active oil drilling in the United States was only 318. More data show that as of May 12 the week the total number of US oil and gas active drilling increased by 8 to 885.

Libya crude oil production last week has more than 80 million barrels / day, for the first time since 2014, if not because Wintershall AG oil field due to internal problems and production losses, the country’s crude oil production will be higher than the current. Libyan National Oil Company (NOC) said that due to the company and the Libyan Presidential Committee failed to Wintershall AG oil field production agreement, if the oil production to restore Libya crude oil production will be close to 100 million barrels / day.

US Energy Information Administration (EIA) latest data show that as of May 5 the week, the US domestic crude oil production increased 2.1 million barrels to 931.4 million barrels / day, for 12 consecutive weeks to increase and continue to maintain the 900 million barrels / day mark above. In addition, refinery capacity utilization decreased by 1.8 percentage points to 91.5%, the daily refining capacity decreased by 41.8 million barrels.

Pesticide industry in the first quarter results gratifying, three or four quarters to see the real chapter

The first quarter of this year, almost all of the enterprise sales growth rate of surprisingly, from at least 35 percent, to 80 or 90 percent, and even one has tripled, the only one who does not grow business, its sales last year reached 1.2 billion yuan.

Why is the increase in the first quarter?

From the pesticide product chain, the upstream tech enterprise growth is concentrated in the fourth quarter of last year, the fourth quarter is the preparation enterprise’s preparation period, the tech persticide trading is active, the Shanghai persticide trade fair is the price benchmark. But due to environmental pressure, the lack of production, leading to the shortage of tech pesticides, prices soared, imidacloprid, acetamiprid and other tech pesticides prices have doubled, the tech pesticides prices soared to enhance the industry tense atmosphere, and from upstream to Downstream, leading to the industry to produce “illusion”, the preparation plant at full capacity, the downstream dealers are also grab goods, a quarter of the channel full lack-selling, many manufacturers out of a substantial increase in the library, so with the opening of the high growth momentum.

Why is the growth in the second quarter real growth?

“The growth in the first quarter not real growth, the growth in the second quarter is real grouth and the most important growth is in the third and forth quarter. In the first quarter,in addition to anti-season medication in Hainan and parts of southern China, most parts of the country has not yet started medication, pressure to the first quarter of the country, Channel goods, the demand side is the farmers have not yet purchased, or farmers in the promotion policy to encourage the purchase but did not use to the ground, can not form a second purchase behavior, so the first quarter of the goods out of the majority of manufacturers in the channel That is, the hands of wholesalers, did not digest to the hands of farmers, the strict sense is not completed sales, but the goods from the production enterprises to zero-zero enterprises “turn warehouse” behavior, the formation of “barrier lake” phenomenon. Of course, as the goods leave the factory flow to the market, the fourth quarter of last year, the original pharmaceutical companies and statements in the first quarter of this year, the preparation of corporate statements have been bright up.
Bacillus thuringiensis

Into the April, is the southern China citrus and other large crops Paul flower fruit drug peak period, rice and northern crops into the medication period, the national full access to the peak of medication, the first quarter accumulation in the batch of commercial warehouse goods gradually transferred to the farmers In the hands of the “barrier lake” began to spill flood, at this time, whether the formation of channels as soon as possible purchase, as the evaluation of sales agents on behalf of the important basis for sales promotion, but also the dealer sales promotion ability of the concentrated period of experience.

The second quarter is the most important product of the digestion period, when the goods such as rotation, purchase frequency fast. If the second quarter can continue to grow, to prove that the first quarter of the shop has been digested goods, the downstream have the ability to re-purchase. In addition to selling goods, short-term no other law, agricultural services is the highlight of the rise of nearly two years, “flying defense” to enhance the user sticky, but nothing more than the more Take the goods channel, and reduce the dosage, short-term profits of the pesticide companies and performance is not driven, corporate profits are still hanging on the product spreads, as the car production plant produced by the car only rent not sell, anti To grab a taxi business business, which is worthless for the car factory.

Why is growth unsustainable?

Pesticide consumption growth is unsustainable because:

There was no increase in acreage;

Policy does not encourage the use of growth;

There is no sign of a substantial increase in agricultural prices;

Domestic and international economic environment has not improved significantly;

So short-term growth is only “virtual fire”, but the limited cake re-cut, foreign companies rely on new products to increase, within the enterprise to rely on quality continue to increase market share, we cut the head in a stagnant market share of the total squeeze.

In the case of excess capacity, once the opportunity, who have a full horsepower boot “impulse” to see the pyrazole production capacity and the actual output data is very obvious, the current pyraz manufacturers total production capacity of one-third To meet domestic demand, the future of vicious competition is inevitable. Therefore, the impulse in the first quarter of the pharmaceutical companies will lead to the latter part of the channel product surplus? Remains to be seen, but at the end of June can be seen.

From the terminal to see, and did not show this “impulsive” behavior, in addition to the southern citrus cultivation area has continued large area expansion impulses, the northeast, north, southeast, northwest of which crop planting area is a substantial expansion, wheat and other parts Grain area will be shrinking, the drug did not increase the market base, farmers generally did not increase the impulse to buy agricultural, grass-roots quiet, so there has been “upstream hot downstream cold, the middle of the lake” situation.

The supply side of the changes led to the original drug and preparation prices unrealistically, and farmers did not increase investment in agricultural commodities, but the decline in purchasing power, which has no market demand to support the behavior, after the medication period, the market appears to digest a large number of stocks, Homogeneous products will lead to poor sales and competition to bargain.

If the product can not be digested in the first half, will form a quarterly inventory, receivables risk and return risk followed.

Why three or four quarters of growth is the most important? Flumethrin

“In the third quarter, especially in August, the northern market quickly into the off-season, only greenhouse vegetables, the eastern and the Yangtze River market still below the market, the growth of the second quarter, Have the opportunity, the goods of the season to adjust the market to digest and promote the staff of the busy market to become the manufacturers will do the “basic homework.”

If the second half still maintain year-on-year growth, especially the chain growth can remain stable, then prove that the first half of the enterprise market products digested properly, reasonable channel inventory, then continue to increase the potential is enough.

Crude oil will hold up the umbrella for private refining enterprises

Recently, the market is eagerly looking forward to the crude oil futures standard contract officially debut, also debut also includes crude oil futures trading, settlement, delivery, risk control, futures traders appropriate system, including 10 business rules. This series of business rules introduced, marking the real estate futures market really entered the real stage. fertiliser

“Crude oil futures market is getting closer, the fastest in the third quarter of this year will be listed.” Huaan futures Shanghai branch general manager, chief oil analyst Xu Jie told reporters that the Chinese version of the crude oil futures market, many domestic Of the private refining business, is a major positive.

In recent years, with the gradual liberalization of crude oil import qualification, more and more private refining enterprises to obtain the use of imported crude oil quotas. According to the relevant data, so far, has been officially approved (excluding the publicity period) imports of crude oil use quota enterprises, the cumulative use of imported 77.85 million tons of crude oil, if the business has entered the publicity period (extended, Haike, Lan Bridge , Hubei Jinao, wins star, Qi Cheng, Hualong, Dalian Jinyuan), the cumulative use of imported 95.25 million tons of crude oil.Sodium Molybdate

According to report, the last two years, although crude oil prices in a relatively low, but its volatility is still relatively strong, 20% of the ups and downs in a month is very normal. “In addition to a small number of enterprises are involved in international crude oil futures trading, most companies do not have to the international futures market risk management of their positions, they can only passively accept the international oil prices volatility.” Xu Jie said.

However, he also said that with the domestic crude oil futures market, there will be more and more private refining enterprises to participate in the futures market. According to its introduction, refining business profit model is to improve the utilization of funds under the premise of the lowest possible cost of oil production. Bacillus thuringiensis

“Refining companies can buy some of the crude oil futures market in the domestic crude oil, lock a part of the cost of oil, and the delivery location is also in the country, transport is also very convenient at the same time, they can follow the market every month to open positions to avoid significant fluctuations in oil prices Production to bring the uncertainty of risk. “Xu Jie told reporters.

Shandong Province, a private refining enterprise futures hedging business department official said that the current domestic private refining enterprises to participate in the futures market is not too much, but with the pace of crude oil futures market approaching, many refining enterprises are in action to set up their own Of the hedge team.

“Crude oil futures market to the domestic private refining enterprises to provide hedging tools and channels, but also to the overseas enterprises to bring cross-market arbitrage opportunities.” The official said.

Xu Jie said that in addition to the use of crude oil hedging to carry out risk management, the private refining enterprises can register their own inventory for the warehouse receipts, and then warehouse receipts of financing, which can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise funds, Occupy a high degree of refining enterprises has a very important significance.

“The private Refining enterprises to use good crude oil futures, according to their actual production scale and characteristics, to establish a good momentum in the futures market size and operating rhythm, and then through the inventory of financial, improve capital utilization, the business performance and risk Control capacity to a new level. “Xu Jie said.Flumethrin

Shanghai Petroleum Products Trade Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Wu Jun believes that the domestic petrochemical industry chain, the introduction of crude oil futures with milestone significance. First, to promote the further opening up of the crude oil market, to participate in the main body more diversified, crude oil futures investors both domestic investors, but also outside the investors; both institutional investors, but also individual investors, and with domestic and foreign crude oil The increase in the main body of futures, crude oil spot competition will gradually change the pattern. The second is to promote the full range of state-owned oil companies to participate in the futures market to promote the domestic oil product pricing mechanism of the market; third is to find long-term prices to facilitate the future production costs of enterprises to develop long-term sound business plan; Risk management awareness, the use of hedging means to enhance the profitability of enterprises and anti-risk ability.

In his view, hedging is a key prerequisite for the success of futures and spot market relevance. “In the past, China’s enterprises in the spot transactions will be hedged, but are used in foreign markets and domestic markets hedge transactions, once the domestic prices and foreign prices seriously deviated from the situation, not only lead to hedging failure, but also Resulting in unnecessary losses. “Wu Jun said.

European methanol prices are highly favored, China will increase the import of European methanol

Since the beginning of 2017, due to the Chinese market did not restore the demand for olefins, some pre-positive support gradually decay, coupled with the Chinese market methanol industry chain products have declined and the impact of crude oil prices fell, China, the United States and the Nordic market in February – (About 295-300 US dollars / ton), the Northwest European market fell to 285 euros (about 295-300 US dollars / ton), the United States and Europe fell to 90 cents / gallon (about 295-300 US dollars / ton), Northwest Europe market fell to 285 euros / Ton (about 310-315 US dollars / ton), the international spot market arbitrage was disrupted. Paraquat

In Europe and the United States prices lower at the same time, CFR China also fell to 270 US dollars / ton, and the price and the paper is still in the upside down in June, the domestic delivery of goods is not intended, affected by some of the Middle East and the Americas goods turn Sold to the Northwest European market. It is reported that the Middle East to China and other East Asian markets freight in the 38-40 US dollars / ton, while the Middle East to Northwest Europe freight costs 55 US dollars / ton in the vicinity of the two freight difference of 15-20 US dollars / ton. For example, the price on May 10, CFR China for 267 US dollars / ton, FOB Rotterdam for 285 euros / ton (about 310 US dollars / ton), the two spreads of 43 US dollars / ton, the spread is greater than the two poor freight Resulting in some of the Middle East stock sales to the Northwest European market. According to Jinlian know that there are about 46,000 tons of goods are being sold to the Northwest European market transport, including about 12,000 tons of goods in Azerbaijan, Egyptian goods about 14,000 tons, the remaining 20,000 tons of goods from the Caribbean and other countries Region, affected by this, the follow-up Northwest European methanol market supply or will increase,Glyphosate while the region to discuss or gradually decline, concerned about the late sub-Asia, Europe, the United States and other international arbitrage operations opportunities.