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Pesticide water dispersible granules of market development

Water dispersible granules (WG) is a rapidly disintegrating water was added and dispersed into a suspension of the granular preparations , also called dry suspensions . The first product is the world’s pesticide WG 1980s by the Swiss Ciba – Geigy produced herbicide atrazine and the U.S. company DuPont herbicide metribuzin . WG formulations active ingredient content was very low , and higher manufacturing costs, subject to technical and technological level of restriction requires the use of a particular pesticide active ingredient ( high melting point, low solubility in water, such as atrazine ) can be processed . Continue reading

Acrylonitrile consumption will continue to grow

According to foreign media reports, industry insiders predict that in 2014 the global consumption of acrylonitrile is expected to grow by 2% over the year to reach 5.4 million tons . However, this also depends on the acrylonitrile – butadiene- styrene terpolymer resin (ABS) growth in demand . Insiders said that this year global consumption of all types of acrylonitrile end use is expected to grow 1.5% to 5.3 million tons . Asia, driven by booming auto industry , ABS resin market demand is very busy . In addition , strong growth in demand for water treatment chemicals, acrylamide increased demand driven , and thus also expanded acrylonitrile demand . Continue reading