The price of refrigerant R22 continued to rise in June

1、 Price trend


In June, the market of refrigerant R22 was stable and upward. According to the price monitoring of the business association, the average price of refrigerant R22 on June 29 was 16000 yuan / ton, up 7.87% compared with the beginning of June, and decreased by 11.93% compared with the same period last year.


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2、 Market analysis


In June, refrigerant R22 continued to rise, the trading focus continued to move up, and there was no intention of callback. This month’s rise is mainly supported by many favorable factors: first, the market of hydrofluoric acid and chloroform is rising, and the cost side support is strong; secondly, the quota of refrigerant R22 manufacturers is continuously reduced, and the on-site supply is not much, and traders’ confidence in hoarding goods is enhanced; thirdly, the market sentiment is high, because the price of refrigerant R22 drops sharply in the early stage, drops to a low level, and the manufacturers’ sentiment of supporting prices is high, which leads to the rapid development of refrigerant R22 Pull up. At present, the terminal demand is not followed up enough, the export has been poor, and the domestic demand has not reached the expectation, which is difficult to boost the market. However, there is no big contradiction between the supply and demand pattern. With the improvement of the export situation in the future market and the recovery of the after-sales market, the industry is optimistic. According to the price monitoring of the business association, as of June 29, the average price of refrigerant R22 was 16000 yuan / ton. In the vicinity, the market price was mainly around 15000 yuan / ton – 17000 yuan / ton, and the price was still high.


In June, the market price of methane chloride in Shandong increased. Near the end of the month, the mainstream quotation of dichloromethane market was about 2100-2300 yuan / ton, and that of chloroform market was about 2000 yuan / ton. At present, the market is mainly consolidation, the trading situation in the industry is general, the spot supply in the market is fair, and the industry has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere.

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Since June, the domestic hydrofluoric acid market price has experienced a short-term rise, but the market price has remained low in the late stage. The good support for the price rise of hydrofluoric acid is the rising price of raw material fluorite. Recently, there is still an intention of supporting the price of fluorite in the field. However, the refrigerant industry has not significantly improved. For the hydrofluoric acid market, the main price of domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid manufacturers is 850 0-9000 yuan / ton. The factory price of the domestic hydrofluoric acid manufacturers is generally low. The supply of goods in the field is normal, which is driven by the rising price of fluorite. However, the demand of the downstream refrigerant industry is not good, and the on-site procurement is mainly based on demand. It is expected that the on-site price will continue to rise slightly in the future.


3、 Future forecast


Refrigerant analysts of the business agency believe that R22 continued to rise in June due to the favorable support. At present, the manufacturers still have a high price supporting sentiment and have no intention to lower the price. Affected by the demand, the refrigerant R22 is expected to stabilize in the short term, but the future market is still optimistic.

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