Chitosan oligosaccharide

Chitosan oligosaccharide

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Compared with other chitosans , chitosan oligosaccharide has some special functions and characters, including good aqueous solubility, moisture absorption, and antibiosis and so on. 

1.In Health Food 
As the sixth essential element of the body, the chitosan oligosaccharide is of low sugariness, low heat value, asepsis & no side effects and able to reduce blood fat & blood sugar. Biological health food, produced with chitosan oligosaccharide as the main raw materials, not only is favorable to the increment of bacillus in the human's intestine, but also can prevent the generation of toxic fungus and putridity in the human's intestine, raise the quality and quantity of cellulose in the human body, and increase the immunity of airframes. Chitosan oligosaccharide can achieve the use of anticancer by activating the achroacyte in the human body and controlling the generation & expansion of cancer cells.Chitosan oligosaccharide can effectively activate the achroacyte in the human body and improve the body's ability to resist germs. 
2.On cosmetics 
Chitosan oligosaccharide is mainly concerned with its excellent performance of moisture maintenance and damping.The excellence is more obvious used in cleansing facial milk and all kinds of creams, etc.Adding certain amount of chitosan oligosaccharide to cosmetics not only can prevent the moisture content in cosmetics from disappearing, but also make hydration to the moisture on the cuticle. Other cosmetics with chitosan oligosaccharide are also easy to be absorbed by the skin, and can promote blood circulation. 
3. Agriculture grade
With restraining from putrescence,so that Chitosan oligosaccharide can be applied in the agriculture widely. It can effectively improve the fruit and vegetable production, pest control, soil and biological fertilizer proliferation of bacteria.

Specification :




Pale yellow powder

Solubility %

>99 ( )

Loss on drying %


Residue on ignition %


Particle sizemesh



5 .0- 7 .0

Molecular weight 

< 3000, < 6000 ,6000-10000

Heavy Metalppm


As ppm



≤0. 5


Total number of bacteria : ≤1,000CFU/g 
E. coli : Negative  
Salmonella : Negative

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