China’s domestic TDI market continues to run in a weak position

1、 Price trend


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The average price of TDI market in East China on the 30th was 10566.67 yuan / ton, down 1.83% compared with yesterday and 4.80% lower than that of last month, according to the data from the bulk list of business associations. On June 30, the TDI commodity index was 55.91, down 1.06 points compared with yesterday, 77.46% lower than 248.02 points (2016-10-19), and 6.37% higher than the lowest point of 52.56 points on May 5, 2020. (Note: period refers to 2011-09-01 to now).


2、 Market analysis


The domestic market continued to be weak, and the decline was obvious. On the 29th, dealers’ quotations were adjusted downward. The profits in the market were hard to find, and the bearish mood spread. The downstream was in the traditional off-season, and the inquiry enthusiasm was not good. The on-the-spot trading was rarely heard, and the wait-and-see attitude was the main attitude. At present, the market in East China is weak and plummeting. There is no lack of bottom reading intention in the downstream, and the transaction is not smooth. As of 30 days, the quotation of domestic goods with bill of lading in East China is 9800-10200 yuan / ton, and that of Shanghai goods is 10300-10400 yuan / ton.


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On the upstream side, the price of toluene has been sorted down, the demand is general, the trading atmosphere is not active, the overall digestion of early inventory, the market trading atmosphere is weak, a small amount of just need to replenish. Considering the impact of the global economic recession on crude oil demand and the trend of international crude oil, the domestic toluene market price is expected to be stable in the short term.


3、 Future forecast


According to the analysis of the Data Engineer of the business agency, the domestic TDI market is weakening as a whole, and the profits in the market are hard to find. The downstream market mainly digests the inventory. The enthusiasm for inquiry in the market is weak, the trading resistance is large, and the market has no quantity and empty fall. It is expected that the domestic TDI market will remain weak in the future and pay attention to the market trading situation.