Povidone iodine(PVPI)

Povidone iodine(PVPI)

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Product Name :Povidone iodine(PVPI)

Chemical Name : Povidone Iodine

CAS No : 25655-41-8;74500-22-4

Details :




PVP-I (PVP-Iodine/Povidone-I)

 USP/EP Name: Povidone Iodine/PVP Iodine

Chemical Name: Complex of PVP with lodine

CTFA Nomenclature: PVP-Iodine

CAS NO.: 25655-41-8

Molecular Formula: (C6H9NO)n.XI

Physical properties:


yellow-brown or red-brown powder, having slightly smell. It can dissolve in water and grain alcohol ,not in diethylethe or chloroform.  It is a stable complex with no irritation which can sterilize bacterial, virus, fungus effectively. It is the first-selected iodine containing microbicide.


Povidone-Iodine / PVP Iodine USP EP
Loss on drying % ≤8.0 ≤8.0
Available iodine % 9.0-12.0 9.0-12.0
Iodine ion % ≤6.6 ≤6.0
Residues on burning % ≤0.025 0.1
Nitrogen % 9.5-11.5 ---
Heavy metals(as Pb) ppm ≤10 ---
Arsenic ppm 1.5 ---
PH Value(10% in water) --- 1.5-5.0



Bactericide, virucide, fungicide for local antiseptic in surgical scrubs or for other rapeutical purposes and protect patients from infection; Microbicide for kitchen utensils in family, food and feed industry and disease-preventer for animal.

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