Sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate

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Sodium polyacrylate

CAS: 9003-04-7

Alias: PAAS

Formula: (C3H3O2Na) n

MW: <10000

Nature: the white powder. Odorless and tasteless. Hygroscopic.


Used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical binder, thickener. Use its cohesion, it can be used as boiler water treatment and other water treatment scale inhibitor, can inhibit calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate scale formation. Also used as a sugar, beverages and tap water clarification accelerators; electrolysis of industrial salt soda water and purified by precipitation accelerant; protein recovery in industrial waste water and the like.

Using its dispersion, useful as a papermaking agents, pigment dispersants, pesticide dispersing agent.

Using its adhesion, it can be used as paper adhesives, casting plastic solvents, fluorescent lamps and mercury fluorescent film formers. When used as a food additive, as an electrolyte and protein interactions can alter protein structure, enhance viscoelastic food, improving flour protein adhesive force; for bread, cakes, canned food, ice cream, butter products, fruit juices, etc., but also has thickening, dispersion, stability, water retention, preservation and other effects. Use of its high water absorption, but also as a high water-absorbing resin and other raw materials and used as a soil conditioner.

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