Stannous Sulphate

Stannous Sulphate

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Product Name :Stannous Sulphate

Chemical Name : Tin (II) Sulfate

CAS No : 7488-55-3

Details :

Stannous Sulfate 
Supplier: Lubon Industry Co., Ltd
CAS No.: 7488-55-3
Molecular Formula SnSO4
Molecular Weight 214.75
Physical and Chemical Properties White Crystals
Use Acidic plating, anodized coloring of aluminum profiles, brightening tin-plating of electronic elements, modant of printing and dyeing.
Package 50kg/iron drum or 25 kg/iron drum
Main Technical Index
Index Name Standard
Content 99.0% min
Hcl Insolubility 0.005% max
Chlorides 0.005% max
Iron 0.005% max
Heavy Metals (by Pb) 0.02% max
Alkaline And Alkaline Earth Metals 0.10% max

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