sodium molybdate

sodium molybdate

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Sodium molybdate

CAS: 7631-95-0

Formula: MoNa2O4

Properties: White diamond crystal


1. for the preparation of molybdenum salts and dyes, pigments, catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, etc.

2. used as a metal corrosion inhibitor, descaling agent, bleach accelerators as well as skin and hair protective agent

3. reagents for the analysis, with in the determination of alkaloids, dyes and pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of

4. alkaloids, ink, fertilizers, molybdenum red pigment and light fastness pigment precipitation agent, catalyst, molybdenum salt, can also be used to make flame retardants and pollution-free type water system metal inhibitors, also used as a galvanizing, polishing agents and chemical reagents.

5. molybdate inhibitor belongs to the anodic oxide film formed on the anode ferrous iron - high-speed rail - the sky molybdenum oxide passivation film corrosion inhibition.

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