The demand weakens and the price of ammonium sulfate drops (2.10-216)

1、 Price trend


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According to the monitoring data of the Business News Agency, the average ex-factory price of domestic ammonium sulfate was 1230 yuan/ton on February 10 and 1186 yuan/ton on February 16. The price of ammonium sulfate fell by 3.52% this week.


2、 Market analysis


This week, the market of ammonium sulfate was weak and the trend was mainly downward. Due to the weakening of downstream demand, the bidding price of coking grade ammonium sulfate was significantly reduced this week. The start-up load of domestic units was increased, and domestic ammonium sulfate continued to be in a weak market. This week, the export demand of ammonium sulfate was still weak, and the international market performance was poor. As of February 16, the mainstream ex-factory price of coking grade ammonium sulfate in Shandong is about 1100 yuan/ton, and the mainstream ex-factory price of ammonium sulfate in Hebei is about 1150 yuan/ton. Domestic ammonium sulfate, the mainstream ex-factory price in Shandong Province is 1110-1200 yuan/ton.


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The market of downstream compound fertilizer enterprises was stable this week. The price of raw material urea fell and cost support weakened. At present, compound fertilizer mainly sends orders from old customers. At present, the transaction on the market is weak, and dealers are mainly cautious and wait-and-see.


3、 Aftermarket forecast


Analysts of ammonium sulfate from the Business Society believe that the market price of ammonium sulfate has continued to be weak in recent days. The domestic and foreign market demand is weak, the downstream purchase is small, and the atmosphere of transaction on the market is not good. It is expected that the price of ammonium sulfate will move downward in the short term.