On the low side of inventory, the price of n-butanol tends to stabilize after upward trend

According to the monitoring data of the business agency, as of October 22, the average ex factory price of domestic n-butanol was 6633 yuan / ton. Compared with October 15, the average price of domestic n-butanol was increased by 100 yuan / ton, or 1.53%; compared with October 1, the average price was increased by 300 yuan / ton, or 4.74%.


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N-butanol increased slightly and then stabilized


This week, n-butanol market was high and stable, and the transaction center gathered again. At the beginning of the week, the ex factory quotation of n-butanol in some factories in Shandong Province continued to rise by 100 yuan / ton. Then the overall market situation entered a high stable operation channel. At present, the factories were in a tight spot, and the downstream just needed to replenish. Due to the shady decline of downstream butyl propyl ester products and the sharp decline of raw material propylene price, n-butanol orders decreased, and the business confidence was frustrated, and the shipment was more active The factory has no spot sales pressure, high price to maintain stable operation. As of October 22, the ex factory price of n-butanol from Luxi Chemical Co., Ltd. was 6600 yuan / ton, which was stable within the week. Shandong lihuayi n-butanol factory quotation was 6600 yuan / ton, up 100 yuan / ton during the week, while that of Wanhua chemical in North China was 6700 yuan / ton, up 100 yuan / ton during the week.


Upstream, from late October, the propylene market price in Shandong Province declined. According to the price chart of business associations, prices of some enterprises have fallen slightly since 1015 and 16, and most of them have remained stable. On the 17th and 18th, the price of propylene has fallen in a wide range, and it has dropped by about 200 yuan / ton on the 19th. On the 20th and 21st, individual declines have been made, most of them have not moved. The market transaction is between 7100 yuan / ton and 7650 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 7300 yuan / ton. Now the pressure of shipment is slightly increased compared with the previous period.


Internationally, on October 21, the U.S. WTI crude oil futures market price fell sharply, with the settlement price of main contracts at $40.03/barrel, down $1.67 or 4%. Brent crude oil futures market price fell, the main contract settlement price to 41.73 U.S. dollars / barrel, down 1.43 U.S. dollars. Oil prices fell sharply on Wednesday, mainly due to the negative US inventory data, the surge in the number of new cases of global epidemic, the slowing down of fuel demand and the expected rise in fuel demand.


Inventory low order to reduce n-butanol, the market will be more finishing operation


At present, affected by the downturn in the upstream and downstream, the supply and marketing atmosphere of n-butanol is also weak. There are not many new orders in the downstream, so the confidence of the industry has decreased, and the shipment is positive. At present, the inventory is low, and the offer is stable. It is expected that n-butanol will continue to be insufficient in the short term, and most of them will stabilize the sorting and transportation.

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