The demand is insufficient, and the price of phosphate ore has been running slowly and steadily for nearly half a month after the decline in the middle of the month

1、 Price trend


According to the data monitoring of the business agency, as of June 28, the market reference average price of 30% grade phosphate ore was 386 yuan / ton, basically the same as that of a week ago; compared with the price half a month ago (15 days), the average price decreased by 7 yuan / ton, or 1.69%.


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Weak and stable operation of China’s phosphorus ore market in the past half month after the mid month quotation reduction


On June 16, some mining enterprises in Guizhou Province lowered their phosphate ore prices, mainly due to the fact that some mining enterprises were unable to meet the downstream demand, poor market transactions and other factors, in order to stimulate the shipment and sales. After that, the domestic phosphorus ore market has basically operated in a weak and stable way up to now, with no major changes in the market, and the overall shipment in the off-season market is still slow. At present, the inventory is large, and the downstream demand is general. As of the 28th day, Hubei Province: 28% of the mainstream phosphate rock quotation is around 360 yuan / ton, 30% of the mainstream phosphate rock quotation is around 400 yuan / ton; Sichuan Province: 28% of the phosphate rock County delivery price is around 270 yuan / ton, 29% of the phosphate rock County delivery price is around 330 yuan / ton; Yunnan Province: 28% of the grade phosphate rock car plate quotation is around 275 yuan / ton; Guizhou Province: 30% The reference quotation for the main flow car plate of grade phosphorus ore is around 320-330 yuan / ton, and the low-end quotation is around 300 yuan / ton.


Attached are prices of phosphate rock in some parts of the country this week (data for reference only unit: yuan / ton)


Regional product grade June 22 June 28 up and down remarks

Guizhou phosphate rock 30% 330 yuan 330 yuan 0 car plate price

Guizhou phosphate rock 29% 310 yuan 310 yuan 0 car plate price

Yunnan phosphate rock 28%, 300 yuan, 300 yuan, 0 vehicle plate price

Sichuan phosphate rock 28% 300 yuan 300 yuan 0 County delivery price

Hubei phosphate rock 28% 360 yuan 360 yuan 0 mainstream boat plate quotation

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Downstream, since the beginning of this month, China’s yellow phosphorus market price has continued to decline, with limited support for phosphate rock. At present, the yellow phosphorus market starts to improve slightly, and the market supply is relatively sufficient. At present, the yellow phosphorus Market in Yunnan Province is light, with a market quotation of about 14000-14300 yuan / ton. The market is not good and the price is seriously depressed, and many yellow phosphorus manufacturers do not offer. Guizhou yellow phosphorus market is dominated by low-level operation, and the current mainstream quotation is about 14300 yuan / ton. The downstream demand market is general, and manufacturers mainly adopt enough on demand. The yellow phosphorus Market in Sichuan is light and stable, and the current quotation in Sichuan is about 15000-14200 yuan / ton. Downstream manufacturers who take it with them, on-site spot sales in general.


According to analysts of phosphate ore of business association, at present, the overall market of phosphate rock and its direct downstream market is weak, with weak downstream demand and insufficient support. It is expected that in the near future, most of the phosphate rock will operate in a weak way, and the market price will not be reduced in a narrow range in some areas.

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