Price drops slightly, and the market of polyaluminium chloride will be flat in the future

Commodity index: on June 28, the commodity index of polyaluminium chloride was 95.27, down 0.68 points from yesterday, a record low in the cycle, down 12.60% from the highest point of 109.01 on August 28, 2019. (Note: cycle refers to 2019-04-01 till now)



The data shows that polyaluminium chloride (solid, content ≥ 28%) shows an overall fluctuating downward trend from April to June 2020, with a reduction rate of about 7%; the domestic mainstream quotation this month is very small, with a flat trend. The price fluctuation range of various specifications is roughly as follows: industrial grade, liquid and alumina content 10%-12%, tax included quotation 260-300 yuan / ton, generally reduced by 50 yuan / ton; solid and alumina content 20-21%, quotation 850 yuan / ton, part of manufacturers also reduced by 50 yuan / ton; content 24%, quotation 1100-1200 yuan / ton; content 26%, quotation 1280-1400 yuan / ton; solid and alumina content ≥ 28%, quotation 1550 yuan / ton; spray The quotation for fog content ≥ 30% is 1650 yuan / ton; the quotation for drinking water level, content ≥ 28% is 1750 yuan / ton, and the quotation for food level is about 2800 yuan / ton.


According to the data of business agency, in the upstream products of polyaluminium chloride, the main factory price of hydrochloric acid in North China decreased slightly in June, 333 yuan / ton on June 1, 310 yuan / ton on June 28, a decrease of 5.94%. The actual transaction price of the manufacturer shall be subject to negotiation. From the perspective of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of hydrochloric acid, the upstream liquid chlorine market is generally weak in support of hydrochloric acid, while the downstream white carbon black market is gradually falling, which has a negative impact on hydrochloric acid, while the downstream ammonium chloride market is high in consolidation, which has a certain support for the price of hydrochloric acid. In the first half of the month, the hydrochloric acid market as a whole seemed to rise slightly at the beginning of the month, and then fell slightly in the middle of the month, with a small range. The difficulty of shipment is still a major problem. In the second half of the month, there was a small reduction, with an overall decrease of about 20 yuan / ton this month. Downstream: according to the manufacturer’s introduction, the market of polyaluminium chloride in 2020 is certainly much worse than that in 2019. The current market is not warm and hot, and the manufacturer dare not have extravagant hopes for the later market change.



As far as the whole industry is concerned, from 2020 to now, during the Spring Festival holiday to February 20, the relevant enterprises in the main production area have stopped production and delayed to return to work; after February 20, the manufacturers in the main production area have resumed production in succession; in March, the logistics has gradually recovered, and the transportation cost has returned to normal; in April, the overall production is normal, due to the difficulty of delivery, some enterprises still have high inventory, and the production is affected; in May, polyaluminium chloride The overall demand hasn’t recovered, the market situation is poor, the delivery is general, and the transaction continues to be weak; in June, it’s more than half, the raw materials have not changed much, the natural gas used for drying rebounded about 1 percentage point from the bottom this month, and the impact on the market is not great, the downstream demand is still general, the situation of the industry has not changed much, the overall market situation of the industry is poor, and polyaluminium is difficult to survive alone.


As for the future market, the analysis of the business community shows that in June, the price of raw materials in the upstream went down slightly, while the demand in the downstream did not change much. The price of polyaluminium chloride of some manufacturers was reduced by 50-100 yuan / ton, and the quotation of some manufacturers changed little. For the future market, the market will remain flat, it is difficult to have a big market.