PE spot market price has no choice but to fall

1、 Overall trend


According to the monitoring of the business agency, the overall trend of domestic PE market has declined to varying degrees, and the overall transaction atmosphere of the market is poor. As of March 24, the average ex factory price of LLDPE 7042 in East China was 6600 yuan / ton, down 0.5% compared with the previous day; the average ex factory price of LDPE 2426h in East China was 7562.5 yuan / ton, down 0.33% compared with the previous day; the average ex factory price of HDPE 5000S in East China was 7000 yuan / ton, down 1.87% compared with the previous day; the decline range was 50-200 yuan / ton.


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2、 Market analysis


On the 24th, the PE market as a whole still fell, most of the petrochemical industry was cut by about 50-200 yuan / ton, and the market cost support was weakened. In the morning (24 days), crude oil rebounded slightly after falling, and linear futures fell weakly, which had a certain degree of pressure on the market mentality. Merchants were mainly pessimistic, and the overall decline was reported. Downstream market inquiries less, in addition to some factories on demand, more cautious wait-and-see. At present, the market atmosphere is weak.


According to the monitoring of the business association, the futures market continued to decline on March 24, which to some extent depressed the mentality of the industry. The opening price of polyethylene futures l2005 is 6330, the highest price is 6330, the lowest price is 6065, the closing price is 6270, the former settlement price is 6250, the settlement price is 6195, down 65, down 1.04%, the volume is 310925, the position is 168342, and the daily increase is – 16822. (quotation unit: yuan / ton)


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As of February 27, the total output of domestic polyethylene enterprises was 1.41 million tons, a decrease of 252300 tons compared with January. Among them, the output of HDPE is 578900t, LDPE is 206800t and LLDPE is 624300t.


3、 Future forecast


In the morning, the rebound of international crude oil brought some relief to the market. At present, the petrochemical inventory has fallen and the supply pressure has eased. However, the linear futures continued to fall sharply, which depressed the enthusiasm of the downstream market. In terms of petrochemical industry, most of the factory prices have been lowered, the market cost support has been weakened, and the enthusiasm for entering the market in the downstream is not high. In addition to just need to take delivery, the factory mainly focuses on wait-and-see. It is expected that the trend of the future market will remain weak in the short term.

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