Sodium metabisulfite prices continued to run at the bottom this week (11.11-11.15)

I. price trend of sodium pyrosulfite in China


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According to the monitoring of the business association, the domestic price of sodium pyrosulfite continued to run at the bottom this week. The average price of industrial grade sodium pyrosulfite at the beginning of the week was 1783.33 yuan / ton, and the average price at the end of the week was 1783.33 yuan / ton, up or down 0.


II. Market analysis


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Product: in November, the overall market of sodium metabisulfite is still in a downturn. The market price range of industrial grade sodium metabisulfite is 1700-1900 yuan / ton, most of which are concentrated around 1800 yuan / ton. The inventory of the enterprise is relatively sufficient, the market transaction atmosphere is general, the new order transaction is limited, and the enterprise mainly completes the orders of the old customers. (the above prices refer to the foreign quotations of domestic mainstream enterprises, some of which are temporarily excluded from the scope. The prices are for reference only and have nothing to do with the final pricing of the manufacturer. For details, please contact each manufacturer for consultation).


Industry chain: in November, the price of soda ash and sulfur in the upper reaches fell again, the cost of raw materials fell again, the purchase and sale of trade subjects were more cautious, and the market price of sodium metabisulfite was slightly under pressure.


III. future forecast


Analysts of the business club believe that the cost of raw materials is weakening again, the market demand continues to be weak, and a lot of negative air is suppressed. In the short term, the domestic market price of sodium pyrosulfite is under pressure.

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