Potassium monopersulfate

Potassium monopersulfate

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Product Name :Potassium monopersulfate

Chemical Name : Potassium hydrogen peroxymonosulfate

CAS No : 70693-62-8

Details :

Potassium monopersulfate
CAS No: 70693-62-8 
EINECS No: 274-778-7 
Molecular formula: HKO6S 
Molecular weight: 168.1676


Potassium peroxymonosulfate; Potassium Monopersulfate; potassium 3-sulfotrioxidan-1-ide


1 Product molecular formula, molecular weight and structure

Name: Oxone , potassium monopersulfate compound, potassium monopersulfate triple salt or potassium peroxymonopersulfate.

For short:PMPS or KMPS.DuPont name: Oxone,Degussa named: Caroat.

molecular formula:2KHSO5KHSO4K2SO4

molecular weight:614.7

CAS No. 70693-62-8

UN 3260

2 Mainly physical & chemical Properties and technical tablet

Physical Properties:Potassium monopersulfate compound is a free-flowing, white granular solid, soluble in water. Under20°C(68OF) temperature,Solubility(20°C) >250g/L.Bulk density :1.1-1.2.

Chemical Properties:The active substance is Potassium Monopersulfate Compound --KHSO5.It The compound provides powerful and effective non-chlorine oxidation for a wide variety of industrial and consumer uses while treatment process meet the requirements of Safety and Environment Protection. It is stable under normal condition but dissolved above 80°C. KMPS is active to react with other chemicals as it can be the oxidizer, bleacher,catalyst, disinfector and etchant etc.Main data listed as follows:


 Active oxygen:

 min. 4.5%

 Active component (KHSO5):


 Bulk density :

 1.10-1.30 g/cm3

 Moisture content:

 Max. 0.20%

 Particle size:

 through USS #20 sieve:  100%

 Through USS #200 sieve:  max. 12%

 PH(25°C)1% solution :

 2.2 ~ 2.4

 3% solution:

 1.9 ~ 2.2

 Solubility(20 °C):

 256 g/L

 Stability, active oxygen loss/month:

 Max. 1%

 Standard Electrode Potential (E°):

 -1.44 V

 Heat of Decomposition:

 0.161 W/m K

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