Recent market situation of pesticide market

Looking at the recent period of pesticide drug market, due to the problem of high production costs, leading to pesticide drug production enterprises operating rate further decline, pesticide drug market turnover rate is still at a low level, environmental pressure is caused by all this The main factor.


Last week, the market price of glyphosate had some fluctuation.

Recently, the price of glyphosate drug has been declining, the original drug companies pressure rise sharply, based on the market to buy up not buy, customer wait and see attitude, for enterprises, this is a vicious circle. From the beginning of last year, glyphosate tech in the year after the annual summary of June, began a new industry will meet, after part of the enterprise glyphosate offer has a rising trend, but most companies said the recent no goods can be sold , The company is meeting to discuss new product prices.

From the current market situation, the original price of glyphosate is not yet the conditions of price increases, is expected later, the original price of glyphosate will be up, but the real deal also need to market test.


Last week, the domestic market price of glufosinate original drug continued to develop steadily.

From the recent start of the enterprise level are at a high level, but the new single trading on the market more difficult, the main business to the main customer is expected to pay the main. Expected late, glufosinate original drug market prices will still have a certain rate of rise.

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)


Last week, the domestic market price of Chlorpyrifos drug continued to develop steadily.

The market price of Chlorpyrifos has been maintained at the same level for a long time from the recent market developments. The reason for this is that the demand for this phenomenon is due to the tension of the raw material intermediates and the downstream demand is still kept up, Demand time is more urgent.

Expected late, Chlorpyrifos tech market prices should be stable down the development.


Last week, the domestic market price of imidacloprid was steady development.

From the current level of market development, has been a lot of demand period, the overall demand was downward trend, so the original drug manufacturers in July orders can not be full. Although the original drug companies that their supply of tension, no goods available, in fact, the pressure on the enterprise is relatively large. Late, the original drug transaction price is still a certain decline in space.

Manganese Sulfate


Last week, the price of the original acetamiprid drug stable development.

At present, the domestic acetamiprid original drug market demand is low, but the original drug companies can start a small number, will cause tight supply situation. In fact, as long as the original drug business started, will be able to solve the current market situation.

Expected late, acetamipidine original drug market supply situation will not appear too much change, the original drug market prices will be steady development.

Sodium Molybdate

Lambda cyhalothrin

Last week, the domestic market price of cyhalothrin was the latest drug prices continue to develop.

By the downstream need to show the impact of tension, the original drug business started difficult, high efficiency of the original drug consumption of cyhalothrin further rise, but the overall market price is still lower than the previous period.

Expected late, the effective market price of cyhalothrin is the original market price fluctuations.


Last week, the domestic 80% of the market price of mancozeb wettable powder continued to develop steadily.

Bacillus thuringiensis

Domestic manco zinc zinc enterprises have now formed a dominant phenomenon. Later, the market turnover of the market for Daisen’s manganese-zinc wettable powder may rise.


Last week, the domestic market price of phenylethylenedilazole drug continued to run smoothly.

Recently, the domestic production capacity of phenylethylenediazole raw agent continued to decline, mainly due to environmental factors difficult to start business. Although the downstream demand has been reduced downstream, but the early shortage of serious impact on the market is relatively large.

Chitosan oligosaccharide


Last week, the domestic market price of propiconazole drug steady development.

At present, the domestic propiconazole drug companies have basically cut production, some companies have begun maintenance plans, enterprises to sell inventory-based.

Expected late, propiconazole drug market prices will be stable down the development.


Last week, the domestic market price of azoxystrobin drugs steady development.

Benzalkonium chloride

But because the azoxystrobin product market price as a whole is relatively stable, so the product market price of the market will still have a certain range of rising prices.Affected by environmental factors, the domestic azoxystrobin drug intermediates supply tension, while the original drug production capacity is also subject to certain restrictions, the market price just to take this development.