On September 28, the price of ethylene glycol fell slightly

Overview of ethylene glycol price trend


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According to the data of the business society, on September 28, the average price of oil to ethylene glycol P value was 4333.33 yuan/ton, which was 0.76% lower than the average market price on September 26.


At present, the spot market of ethylene glycol in Zhangjiagang is generally traded, and the market atmosphere is rather empty. The market negotiation price is around 4200 yuan/ton. The ex factory price of ethylene glycol in Northwest China decreased slightly on the 28th, by 50 yuan/ton.


Recently, domestic devices have been intensively overhauled on a large scale, and the supply side remains low.


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According to the demand data, the new orders for terminal demand this year are weaker than the same period of previous years, resulting in a weak willingness to prepare weaving materials. The total polyester inventory has rebounded on a month on month basis, and the absolute inventory is at a relatively high level. At present, the profit of various polyester varieties is poor, leading to the increase of production reduction expectation of some polyester enterprises.


Future market forecast


Supply is strong and demand is weak. In the short term, the price of ethylene glycol is mainly weak and stable. In the future, we will wait and see the maintenance sustainability of coal chemical industry and the follow-up of terminal orders.