On September 27, the sulfur price trend was sorted out and went up

According to the price monitoring of the business community, the average price of sulfur in East China was 1363.33 yuan/ton on September 27, an increase of 3.02% over the previous working day, and the market price was up.


The downstream sulfuric acid market rose, the ammonium phosphate market rose steadily, the overall transaction atmosphere improved, the National Day holiday was approaching, the downstream demand increased, the active stock up, and the support for the sulfur market was strengthened. The sulfur refinery in Shandong Province shipped smoothly, the quotation was raised, and the port continued to operate on a strong basis. The cargo holders were optimistic about the market, the industry was optimistic, which gave the sulfur market a positive role, and the short-term sulfur market was relatively strong, Pay special attention to the downstream follow-up.