Strong momentum, propylene glycol price rises 9.62% for the first time in the year

According to the monitoring data of the business agency, as of February 22, the reference ex factory price of domestic industrial grade propylene glycol was 14433 yuan / ton, which increased by 1267 yuan / ton or 9.62% compared with February 10 (reference price was 13166 yuan / ton), and the average price increased by 1167 yuan / ton or 8.79% compared with February 1 (reference price was 13266 yuan / ton).


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After the festival, the domestic propylene glycol market ushered in a wide range, full of driving force


After the Spring Festival, the domestic industrial grade propylene glycol market ushered in the “first rise” in the year of the ox. On the first day of construction, driven by the rising price of raw material propylene oxide, the cost of propylene glycol increased continuously. The factory and operators had a positive attitude, and the market quotation was stable and firm. On the 19th and 20th, the quotation of propylene glycol factory was increased by 300-500 yuan / ton. Then, the market was running at a high level, and the downstream demand of propylene glycol just needed to purchase. Under the fear of rising, the trading atmosphere was good, and the export performance was good On the 22nd, the market price of propylene glycol continued to rise by 500-1000 yuan / ton for 4 consecutive days. After the festival, the biggest rise of propylene glycol was nearly 2000 yuan / ton. At present, the factory price of domestic industrial grade propylene glycol is about 14000-14800 yuan / ton, with the average reference price of 14433 yuan / ton, compared with 13166 yuan / ton before the Spring Festival The average price has increased by 1267 yuan / ton, or 9.62%.


In terms of raw materials, after the festival, the market price of propylene oxide in Shandong continued to rise, the factory inventory pressure was small, the downstream demand was normal, and the sales were relatively smooth. On the 22nd, the ex factory price of propylene oxide in Shandong continued to rise sharply by 500-800 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price was around 18000-18700 yuan / ton. According to the data monitoring of business society, the ex factory average price of propylene oxide in Shandong was 18333 yuan / ton, up 1533 yuan / ton, or 9.13% compared with the price before the Spring Festival.


The short-term trend of propylene glycol continues to improve, and it is still possible to continue to rise


At present, the purchasing atmosphere of propylene glycol downstream after the festival is good, the factory inventory pressure is small, and the spot is tight. Therefore, in terms of the current trading atmosphere, the propylene glycol analysts of the business community believe that before the end of the month, the propylene glycol market has a big shock, the downside risk is small, and the overall market is high and strong. Driven by raw materials and the general rise of the downstream, the market still has the possibility to continue to rise, and more needs to be done in the future Pay attention to the transmission of consumption and the change of mentality.

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