The price of propylene oxide keeps rising after the festival

1、 Price trend of propylene oxide



(Figure: p-value curve of propylene oxide product)


2、 Market analysis


According to the data of the business club’s block list, as of February 22, the average quotation price of propylene oxide enterprises was 18333.33 yuan / ton, up 9.13% compared with the price on February 17, up 2.33% compared with the price on January 22, and down 3.17% over the same period of three months.


After the festival, propylene oxide market continued to rise. In terms of raw materials, the price of propylene has risen continuously in recent years, while the price of liquid chlorine is on the decline. In terms of factories, the production and sales of factories in the region are stable and smooth, with no pressure on inventory. The downstream polyether raw materials are rising, and some terminal factories are returning to the market in succession, maintaining the demand for purchasing, and the overall transmission is smooth. At present, the mainstream quotation of propylene oxide Market in Shandong is around 17700-18200 yuan / ton.


Price fluctuation of propylene oxide Market before and after the Spring Festival (unit: yuan / ton)


Region. 10 day price, 18 day price, 22 day price

In East China, 16700-1690017200-1740018200-18400

Shandong Province, 16400-1660016800-1690017700-18200

Upstream propylene, as of February 20, Shandong propylene market price continued to rise. According to the price chart of the business club, the price of propylene declined all the way at the end of January, rose slightly at the end of the month, and then began to stabilize. On the 8th, the price of enterprises generally dropped by 50 yuan / ton, and then entered the Spring Festival holiday. Most of them remained stable in the first half of the year, while the price in the second half (from February 15) showed a steady upward trend. The 18th was the first day of official work, and up to today, the price rose by about 200 yuan / ton every day It has reached 7700 ~ 7950 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price has risen to about 7700 yuan / ton.


The downstream propylene glycol, according to the monitoring data of the business community, as of February 22, the factory price of domestic industrial grade propylene glycol reference 14433.33 yuan / ton, increased by 8.35% compared with the price before the festival (February 10); the downstream flexible foam polyether, on February 22, the market price of flexible foam polyether in Shandong area increased in a wide range, the raw material propylene oxide rose strongly, the cost support was strong, and some small terminal plants resumed work one after another At present, the mainstream price of common soft foam polyether market in Shandong is around 18800-19200 yuan / ton.


3、 Future forecast


According to the propylene oxide analysts of business news agency, at present, the price of double raw materials fluctuates with each other. The production and sales of the factory are stable and smooth, and the inventory is free from pressure. The downstream polyether and propylene glycol follow the rise of raw materials. The terminal enterprises start to recover gradually, and the overall market conduction is smooth, which will boost the mentality of the industry. It is expected that the propylene oxide market may be strong in the short term, and the specific trend still needs to pay attention to the market news Quote.