Crude oil prices rise, gasoline and diesel prices rise

This week, the international crude oil price continued to rise sharply, and the market price followed the upward trend. According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the gasoline price on November 27 was 5321 yuan / ton, up 2.61% from the beginning of the week; on November 27, the price of diesel oil was 4717 yuan / ton, up 1.82% from the beginning of the week.


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In November, the international oil price continued to push up, and has been rising for four consecutive weeks. On the one hand, the good news of the new crown vaccine has boosted the demand expectation; on the other hand, according to the news released from the market, OPEC + is expected to further maintain the current super scale production reduction, which is good for the supply expectation. WTI crude oil prices rose 7.76% this week, while Brent crude oil prices rose 6.20%.


In terms of gasoline demand, the weather turned cold and the number of car trips increased, which had a certain boosting effect on the gasoline market demand. In addition, the international oil price rose sharply, the market transaction atmosphere turned better, and the gasoline price rose slightly. In terms of diesel demand, the domestic weather was getting colder, and the outdoor diesel demand for road engineering and infrastructure construction was gradually declining. The southern rush to work a year ago was good for diesel demand. Under the guidance of the price difference, northern diesel oil was promoted The increase in the outflow of oil resources has a certain support for the overall diesel market price.


As of November 20, the average start-up load of the daily decompression unit was about 75%, and the start-up load of the refinery remained at a high level, and the domestic product oil supply was sufficient.


Lu Xingjun, an oil product analyst at the business club, believes that: the national oil price has risen to a periodic high, and the epidemic situation has not improved, so the upward trend of oil price can be described as a lot of resistance. At the same time, the demand for refined oil market is not good in substance. In the short term, the market price of refined oil is expected to fall steadily.

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