The price of n-butanol rose 5.56% in half a month

According to the monitoring data of the business agency, as of September 15, the average ex factory price of domestic n-butanol was 6016 yuan / ton. Compared with September 7, the average price of domestic n-butanol increased by 183 yuan / ton, or 3.14%; compared with September 1, the average price of domestic n-butanol increased by 316 yuan / ton, or 5.56%.


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Multiple benefits push forward the transaction center of n-butanol


In the first week of September, the domestic n-butanol market has risen steadily. The high price of propylene gives support to the cost of n-butanol. The downstream replenishment of n-butanol was good, the market trading atmosphere turned better, and the transaction focus moved up. As of September 6, the average ex factory price of n-butanol was 5766 yuan / ton, which was increased by 66 yuan / ton or 1.17% compared with September 1.


Since last week, driven by multiple positive, the domestic n-butanol market as a whole rose. In terms of cost, the raw material propylene continued to rise at the beginning of the month to give support, and the pressure on the cost of n-butanol continued to increase, and the quoted price of the factory moved up accordingly. On the supply side, in September, some factories stopped for maintenance and the cost pressure was small, and some factories reduced the operating rate. In addition, the recent shortage of shipping port deliveries and the overall low spot stock of n-butanol market gave the operators confidence in price support. In terms of demand, timely replenishment was made to downstream users, and the upstream and downstream market conducted well. The secondary suppliers led the market offer to maintain firm, and the transaction center kept moving upward.


On the 15th, affected by the pre holiday preparation and tight supply, the mainstream quotation of n-butanol market was raised again, and the low price offer was gradually reduced. The price of butanol in the vicinity of 200-100 tons was generally raised by domestic manufacturers. At present, Shandong lihuayi n-butanol factory offer reference 6050 yuan / ton, increased by 150 yuan / ton compared with September 8; Luxi Chemical’s ex factory quotation of n-butanol refers to 6000 yuan / ton, up 200 yuan / ton compared with September 8. According to the monitoring of the business agency, the average ex factory price of domestic n-butanol is 6016 yuan / ton, which is 316 yuan / ton higher than that on September 1, up 5.56%.


The market price of n-butanol in some parts of China is attached (data for reference only, unit: yuan / ton)


Product name up and down on 9 / 8 / 9 / 15

N-butanol in East China

South China 6300 6500 + 200

6000 6000 in North China

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Upstream, on September 14, the propylene market price in Shandong kept rising. According to the price chart of the business agency, the price of propylene broke through the cyclical fluctuation range at the beginning of last month, and began to fluctuate in a narrow range, and the market fluctuation was small. However, since September 1, the price of propylene has been rising all the way, and the upward range is getting bigger and bigger. Up to the 4th, the price of propylene has risen by 300 yuan / ton. From the 7th to 10th, the first round of downward adjustment occurred, with a total reduction of 100-150 yuan / ton, and then slightly stabilized. Since the 13th, the price has risen again. Today, the price has risen by 100 yuan / ton. At present, the market transaction is between 7100 yuan / ton and 7400 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 7250 yuan / ton. Propylene manufacturers’ shipment has improved.


If the demand will weaken, short-term n-butanol or high-level finishing operation


As far as the current situation is concerned, the pressure on the cost side of n-butanol is not reduced, the mentality of the factories to support the market is still obvious, and the probability of short-term decline is small. However, it is expected that the market demand will weaken after the end of the downstream pre Festival stock up. In the follow-up, it is mainly to store goods at the early stage of consumption, with less large orders entering the market. Generally speaking, the analysts of n-butanol in the business club believe that the trend of n-butanol in the future is mainly high-level sorting operation.

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