Crude oil price rises steadily, nylon filament price rises

According to the statistics of business agency, as of May 20, Jiangsu nylon filament DTY reported 15333 yuan / ton, with a price increase of 166 yuan / ton, or 1.10%, or 25.57% year-on-year; nylon POY price reported 12720 yuan / ton, or 100 yuan / ton, or 0.79%, or 28.94% year-on-year; nylon FDY price reported 16250 yuan / ton, or 500 yuan / ton, or 3.17%, or 26.14% year-on-year.



Product may 13 May 20 up and down unit

Cyclohexanone 5680 5830 150 yuan / ton

Caprolactam 9900 10050 150 yuan / ton

PA6 (medium viscosity: 2.75-2.85) 11367 11533 166 yuan / ton

Nylon FDY (40d / 12F) 15750 16250 500 yuan / ton

Nylon DTY (70D / 24F) 15167 15333 166 yuan / ton

Nylon POY (86d / 24F) 12520 12720 100 yuan / ton

The multinational economy has gradually recovered and crude oil prices have continued to rise. As of May 19, WTI crude oil rose 61.58%. As of May 20, cyclohexanone rose 150 yuan / ton, or 2.64%, caprolactam rose 150 yuan / ton, or 1.52%, and PA6 rose 166 yuan / ton, or 1.46%, compared with last Wednesday. Although the price of crude oil continued to rise, the spot supply of cyclohexanone returned, the market price was low and the quotation was stable for the time being. The restart of some caprolactam units was delayed, while the price of raw materials was increased, and the market offer was pushed up by 10100-10300 yuan / ton for acceptance. Due to the supply of raw materials, PA6 prices continued to rise, but the actual transaction did not improve significantly.



The price of raw materials is generally increased, and the price of nylon filament manufacturers is increased by 200-500 yuan / ton. It can be seen from the above figure that the trend of nylon filament is basically the same as that of cyclohexanone at the raw material end, while cyclohexanone is dominated by crude oil, and the demand end is not the main factor for pricing. The demand in the downstream did not improve greatly. The rise of nylon showed a ladder like pattern with low price rise frequency. The price was adjusted once a week or two weeks, and the overall price rose with the raw materials.


Analysts of the business club believe that in the near future, the support of the raw material end is strong, the recovery plan of the multinational economy makes the crude oil rise steadily, which supports the recovery of chemical products, and the supply of caprolactam is tight in the short term, which is expected to slow the rise of nylon filament.