Supplement of imported goods, poor demand, difficult to push up the market price of phenol

Market situation: after the market rose, the market weakened rapidly. The market in East China dropped to 6450 yuan / ton. After the market rose, it fell rapidly. For a while, the shipment volume in North China was controlled. After the arrival of the port, the port stock was less than 15000 tons. The phenol market rose again this week. However, the downstream demand is not optimistic. In addition, the current arrival volume at the end of May is relatively sufficient, and the phenol Market is weak. According to the monitoring of the business association, the listing price of petrochemical manufacturers has remained stable at 6900-7000 yuan / ton. The market offer in East China is 6650-6700 yuan / ton, that in South China is 6850 yuan / ton, and that in Shandong and surrounding Yanshan is 6900 yuan / ton.


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Analysis and comment: first of all, in the near future, the import source is sufficient, and the arrival volume is increasing. It is reported that 3000 tons of phenol from Singapore respectively arrived at Hengyang warehouse in late May, and another 2000 tons arrived at Hengyang and Huaxi warehouse before the end of the month. It is expected that there will still be arrival at Hong Kong in early June, and the supply of imported goods will increase the domestic market.


Secondly, raw materials continue to rise, with strong cost support. First of all, the pure benzene market. The price of imported pure benzene in Asia continued to rise, forming a good support for the domestic market. The price of pure benzene in Sinopec rose to 3250 yuan / ton, and the atmosphere of domestic pure benzene negotiation was relatively stable. From the overall perspective of May, the pure benzene showed a slight upward trend.


Another important raw material propylene market, the propylene market has maintained a unilateral upward trend since May 1st, and continued to rise steadily. Up to now, the mainstream transactions in the propylene market are more than 6900 yuan / ton, with a cumulative upward trend of 16.95% this month. The wide plant operating rate in the downstream propylene market is relatively high, the demand for propylene is stable and upward, and the propylene shipment is smooth. Currently, the propylene inventory is still low, short-term Propylene will still maintain a steady upward trend.


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Thirdly, the downstream market is running at a high level, with a positive attitude. The downstream market is firm. One of the important downstream markets, bisphenol a market, is affected by the upstream of downstream PC. It is hard to find the low price in each major market. The “helmet” policy stimulates the upstream of PC market. However, there is no obvious impact on the market of bisphenol A, but most traders hold the attitude of low price. In terms of bisphenol a plant, Sinopec Mitsubishi plant will restart after shutdown, and other major mainstream markets will resume The factory will not offer more downstream devices or long customers. At present, the quotation of bisphenol a market in East China is 9700 yuan / ton, the quotation of bisphenol a market in North China is 9800 yuan / ton, and the quotation of bisphenol a market in Huangshan is 9800 yuan / ton. The downstream resin factory is under normal operation, and the quotation of resin is slightly improved.


Future market forecast: in this week’s opening phenol Market, under the favorable situation of tight supply, the cargo holders actively pushed up the market, and then from the recent transaction situation, the downstream has obvious conflict with high price phenol, the downstream procurement enthusiasm is not high, and the market volume is not optimistic. The business agency expects the phenol Market to run steadily in the short term, and expects the reference offer of the market in East China to be 6700 yuan / ton.