No good news, spandex price shocks weak

According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the spandex market maintained a slight decline in May. As of May 20, the average price of 40d specification was 32000 yuan / ton, down 1.84% from the beginning of the month, down 7.78% year on year


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Mainstream price statistics of spandex market (unit: yuan / ton)


20D 30D 40D

Zhejiang 36000-37000 34000-35000 28500-29500

Shandong 37000-38000 34500-35500 29000-29500

Fujian 37000-38000 34500-35500 29500-33000

Jiangsu 36000-38000 34000-35000 29500-30000

At present, the spandex market is flexible, the supply of goods is stable, and the digestion of inventory is the main. The support function of cost end is general, the actual receiving sentiment of downstream terminal market is not high, and the overall market outlook atmosphere is relatively strong. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, the reference for 20d spandex mainstream negotiation is 36000-37000 yuan / ton; the reference for 30d spandex mainstream negotiation is 34000-35000 yuan / ton; the reference for 40d spandex mainstream negotiation is 28500-29500 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction details are discussed.


Summary of production and marketing trends of domestic PTMEG manufacturers


Enterprise name address capacity (10000 tons / year) remarks

Shanghai BASF Shanghai 11 listening device under maintenance

There is no restart plan for the parking of Shanxi 3D Hongdong 5

Jiaxing Xiaoxing Zhejiang Jiaxing 12 plant shutdown maintenance

Hangzhou Sanlong, Zhejiang, Hangzhou 6 line, stable operation

Sinopec Great Wall energy chemical Ningxia Yinchuan 9.2 unit load is not high

Henan Nenghua Hebi 6 parking Center

The load of Xinjiang MEK Xinjiang Korla 5 unit is not high

Unit load of 4.6, Changji, Xinjiang is not high

The upstream PTMEG market continued to operate in a weak situation. The factory started to decline further, and the market offer was temporarily stable. According to the single negotiation, the actual single was still kept and the profit was transferred. The mainstream price of 1800 molecular weight goods was 14000-15000 yuan / ton, and the actual single negotiation was 13800-14500 yuan / ton. The pure MDI market is on the up side, the factory continues to hold up the market, and the low price offer is reduced, but the downstream terminal demand transmission is slow, just needs to replenish the position properly, and the delivery and investment progress is slow, the quotation in South China is 13200-13500 yuan / ton telegraphic transfer barrel, and the quotation in East China is 13300-13500 yuan / ton telegraphic transfer barrel.


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At present, the textile market is still in the off-season as a whole, and the intention of receiving orders in the terminal market is cautious. The start-up level of enterprises in the lower reaches of Xiaoshao area in Zhejiang Province is low, and the start-up level of the round machine and wrapped yarn market remains 30-60%. The terminal demand in Zhuji District of Yiwu is average, and the starting level of yarn wrapping market is 5-70%. In Wujiang area of Jiangsu Province, the terminal starts are common, and the yarn wrapping market starts at a level of 5-60%. Orders in Jiangyin region remained low, and the starting level of round machine and yarn market remained at about 30%.


Business analysts believe that spandex market is currently abundant in spot supply, with weak cost and demand, and the overall market outlook atmosphere is strong. It is expected that in the short term, spandex prices will be mainly weak.

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