Dichloromethane market in Shandong Province remains strong

Market Overview:

According to the bulk data monitoring of the business agency, the dichloromethane market in Shandong remained strong, with an average price of about 2400 yuan / ton as of February 25, up 26.32% from 1900 yuan / ton on February 11.


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Market analysis:


Products: due to the impact of enterprise parking, the spot supply of dichloromethane in Shandong is tight, including 440000 T / a plant in Jinling, Shandong, 40000 t / a plant in Jinmao, Dongying, 400000 T / a plant in Luxi Chemical, and 280000 T / a plant in Dongyue, Shandong. In addition, the logistics and transportation have just recovered, and the enterprise’s shipment is still not smooth, which depends on the inventory pricing. At present, the quotation in Shandong is about 2380-2400 yuan / ton; that in Jiangsu is about 2900 yuan / ton; that in Jiangxi is about 2750 yuan / ton.


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Industrial chain: in the upstream, the terminal enterprises in the natural gas market have a high enthusiasm for returning to work, the market demand has increased, the overall trading has turned better, and the liquid price has increased continuously, at present, about 3190 yuan / ton; with the opening of domestic logistics and transportation, the trading atmosphere in the domestic methanol market has changed, and the trading volume has been significantly increased, at present, about 2022 yuan / ton; the overall supply and demand of the liquid chlorine market are weak, and the enterprise has a firm price mentality Strong but poor trading in the industry, currently about 100-300 yuan / ton. In the downstream, the domestic refrigerant market is still at a low level, and the intra industry trading is relatively weak; the pharmaceutical and agricultural market and solvent industry are not at a high level, the demand is flat, and the price support for dichloromethane is insufficient.


Future forecast:


According to the methane chloride data analyst of business association, although the dichloromethane production enterprises in Shandong Province stop more and reduce the negative, the enterprise’s inventory pressure is still large, and the enterprise’s shipment depends on the inventory. In addition, the downstream market just needs to be flat, which lacks the support for the price of dichloromethane. It is expected to shake and adjust in a short time.