Acetic acid continues to weaken in China

1、 Price trend


According to the monitoring of bulk data of business association, affected by the increase of storage pressure, the domestic acetic acid market continues to weaken. At present, the quotation in Henan is about 2300-2400 yuan / ton; in Shandong is about 2500-2650 yuan / ton; in Hebei is about 2500-2600 yuan / ton; in Shaanxi is about 2050 yuan / ton; in Jiangsu is about 2500-2600 yuan / ton; in Zhejiang is about 2650-2750 yuan / ton About RMB 2650-2750 / ton for delivery in South China.


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2、 Cause analysis


Products: at present, the stock pressure of domestic acetic acid enterprises is generally high, and most enterprises reduce the negative production. With the gradual opening of logistics and transportation, acetic acid production enterprises make more profits to reduce the stock pressure and ship out, the market competition is more intense, but the start-up and recovery of the downstream industry is poor, the overall demand is weak, the situation of market supply exceeding demand is obvious, and the mentality of the industry is empty.


Industry chain: in the upstream, with the opening of domestic logistics and transportation, the trading atmosphere of domestic methanol market has changed, and the volume of transactions is significantly large, at present, about 2022 yuan / ton; the operating rate of domestic acetate, vinyl acetate and acetic anhydride industries is still low, the sales pressure of enterprises is large, and the cost support is insufficient, which is still weak in the short term; PTA spot market accumulation pressure is large, and the oil price stabilizes and recovers The cost support is acceptable, and the operation will fluctuate in the short term.


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International: affected by the rise of methanol in North America, the price of acetic acid is firm, around 780 US dollars / ton; affected by the epidemic situation in Asia, the stock of enterprises is high, and the price is about 310-360 US dollars / ton. The supply and demand of European acetic acid market is stable, and the current quotation is about 620 euros / ton.


3、 Future forecast


According to the acetic acid analyst of business association, the current situation of large overall inventory pressure in the industry is difficult to solve effectively in a short period of time. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, the downstream market starts to move slowly, and the situation of supply exceeding demand in the acetic acid market will continue. It is expected that the acetic acid market will operate in a weak position in a short period of time.

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