Sodium gluconate

Sodium gluconate , white crystalline granular or powder, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. When search on the internet ,you can also enter keywords such as gluconic acid sodium salt, or gluconic acid sodium.

sodium gluconate

Sodium gluconate widely application in the pharmaceutical and water treatment. In the pharmaceutical, it used to adjust the pH balance in the human body to restore nerve function normally, for the same purpose, the sodium gluconate also used in food additives. When it used for water treatment ,there are mainly three functions. Its excellent performance in four areas:

First, Obviously coordinated effects. Sodium gluconate is suitable for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite, and other formulations, because of the coordination effect, inhibition effect of greatly increased; Second, when sodium gluconate compared with others corrosion inhibitor, the difference is that its corrosion rate increases with increasing temperature. thirdly, when used to antisludging agent ,sodium gluconate requirements of the technology, calcium gluconate, magnesium, iron has a strong complexing ability, particularly Fe3 + has an excellent chelating; forth, as circulating cooling water corrosion inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor other currently used unmatched, eliminate pollution effects can be achieved.

For example, if the steel surface needs to be plated bowl, chrome, tin, nickel-plated to suit the special purpose, its slab surface shall be rigorously cleaned, the coating material combined with a solid steel surface, this time adding its cleaning agents sodium gluconate will reach the desired effects. Industrial, sodium gluconate as the main formula bottles professional cleaning agent can improve the following common problems: detergent is not strong, easy to plug the washing machine nozzle and pipe; rust on bottle labels and bottlenecks to dye force is not ideal; wash after the trace residues on food security is not ideal (such as phosphate residues); wash water discharged into public nuisance.


As mentioned earlier in the article, the sodium gluconate can also be used in the food industry. Because of its low sodium syndrome can be effectively prevented from occurring, and therefore can be used as food additives. Sodium gluconate and potassium gluconate have excellent taste threshold. Sodium gluconate non-irritating, non-bitter taste, salt taste quality close to salt, the threshold is much higher than other organic acid salt, is salt (inorganic) 5 times, 2.6 times the sodium malate, sodium lactate 16.3 times. Sodium gluconate and potassium gluconate is used in food processing to adjust pH, improve the taste of food instead of salt processed into a healthy low-salt or no salt (sodium chloride free) food, to enhance human health, enrich people’s lives from significant role.

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