sodium bisulfite

LUBON INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. as a professional chemical manufacturer , we can be confident to tell you we can provide the high quality sodium bisulfite with you. It’s physical and chemical property information as follows:

The product is white crystal powder. The relative density is 1.49. It is water soluble, alcohol soluble. The water solution is acid with strong oxident property.

Most importantly,we should know it powerful use in our daily life. On the one hand, sodium bisulfite can be used for  bleaching of cotton fabric and organic compounds. On the other hand,in the dye, paper making, tanning, it can as a reducing agent in chemical synthesis industry.For the pharmaceutical industry,it can produce  analgin and as a aminopyrine intermediates.Besides, sodium bisulfite also has food perfects it can as bleach, preservatives, and antioxidants. So many food  industry cannot leave it. What’s more , it can used in the treatment of wastewater containing chromium, electroplating additive.

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