Revocation of Malaysian bauxite seizure may cause Pahang environmental problems again

Ari Ahba Osman Ali Akhbar Othman recently said in Pahang that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) must first develop and appropriate standard operating procedures before issuing instructions to repeal the bauxite mining ban.


Recently, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has decided to withdraw 10 million tons of deposits of bauxite, which may cause new environmental problems in the Pahang state.


“Since 2016, the government issued a ban on bauxite mining, the local residents enjoy a long absence of fresh environment, no longer affected by dust, dust, these dust are from the local bauxite field to the port in the process of transport of bauxite production.”


“Since there is no suitable standard operating procedure, I do not think it is necessary to repeal the bauxite mining ban,” Ari Ahba Osman said. ”

Gamma-PGA (gamma polyglutamic acid)


December 24, the Malaysian federal Government and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment told the public through the media that the existing ban on bauxite mining will be postponed to June 30, 2018.


After announcing the moratorium on mining, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission immediately ordered the revocation of the state’s bauxite seizure order, which would allow the export of bauxite with the relevant permits.


Local residents are concerned that the withdrawal of the seizure order will lead to further deterioration of the environment.