Egypt continues to impose export tariffs on products such as nitrogen

According to the Daily News December 27, the Ethiopian Trade Minister Tariq Kabil recently signed a decision to extend the 2017-year Decree 1157th (valid until December 26, 2017) valid for one year, continue to impose export tariffs on some metal raw materials, and issued a new order for the export of nitrogen fertilizer 125 per ton tariff, valid for one year.


According to Decree No. 1157th of 2017, 20,000 Egyptian pounds per ton of export copper is levied, exports of iron ore and waste lead and its products levied 6,000 Egyptian pounds per ton tariffs, exports of scrap iron and scrap stainless steel per ton levied 1300 Egyptian pound tariff, export of scrap aluminum 7,000 Egyptian pound tariff, export zinc ore, waste zinc, such as the imposition of 3000 Egyptian pounds per ton, The export of waste paper is levied at 3600 Egyptian pounds per ton.


The Ministry of Industry and Trade believes that these abandoned financial and raw materials can save domestic industrial production costs. Since the implementation of Act 1354th (amended on this basis by Decree No. 1157th of 2016), the annual export volume of aluminum and spent aluminium has been 3834 tonnes (2016), 4703 tonnes (2017), 373 tonnes (2016) and 353 tonnes (2017), Scrap iron and scrap exports stabilized at 11,000 tonnes per year (21,000 tonnes in 2014), and exports of Galena, lead and lead products fell from 13,000 tonnes in 2016 to 38.54 million tonnes in 2017 years, and waste paper exports fell from 279 tonnes in 2016 to 2017 tonnes in 37 years.


According to the regular import control Bureau statistics, 2016 agricultural season (to the end of October), Ethiopia exports nitrogen fertilizer 3.3 million tons, 2017 agricultural season nitrogen fertilizer exports up to 3.6 million tons. From the beginning of 2017 to the end of October, the production of nitrogen fertilizer amounted to 6.8 million tons, which is 105% of the planned capacity