The domestic phthalic anhydride market has fallen this week

The price of phthalic anhydride fluctuated and fell this week


According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, the domestic market price trend of ortho phthalic anhydride has fallen this week. As of June 14th, the quoted price of ortho phthalic anhydride was 8075 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1.37% from the price of 8187.5 yuan/ton on June 7th; Compared to the beginning of the month, the price of 8187.5 yuan/ton has decreased by 1.37%.


Supply side: Stable device operation, tight supply of goods


The operation of domestic phthalic anhydride units is temporarily stable, while the operation of Anhui Tongling ortho phthalic anhydride equipment is normal. The 100000 ton phthalic anhydride unit of Xinyang Group is stable, and the maintenance of Shandong Hongxin phthalic anhydride equipment has resulted in a domestic phthalic anhydride operating rate of about 60%. The spot supply of phthalic anhydride is normal, and the delivery situation of phthalic anhydride manufacturers is average. This week, the price of industrial naphthalene has fallen, and the market of naphthalene ortho phthalic anhydride has fallen, which has affected the price of ortho phthalic anhydride.


On the demand side, the trend of on-demand procurement in the DOP market is declining


According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Shengyishe, as of June 14th, the price of plasticizer DOP was 10250 yuan/ton, a fluctuation decrease of 1.44% compared to the DOP price of 10400 yuan/ton on June 7th. The market for plasticizer raw material phthalic anhydride has declined, the price of isooctanol has fluctuated and fallen, the cost of plasticizers has decreased, plasticizer DOP enterprises are operating steadily, and the supply of plasticizer DOP is sufficient. Downstream construction is expected to rise, while demand is expected to rebound. The support for the rise of plasticizers still exists.


Future Market Forecast


According to data analysts from Business Society’s phthalic anhydride products, in the future, the trend of crude oil prices has been fluctuating and rising recently, while the high price of ortho xylene has temporarily stabilized, and the cost support for phthalic anhydride still exists; The downstream DOP market is fluctuating and falling, and the demand for plasticizers is falling. The downstream procurement enthusiasm is not high, and it is expected that the market price of ortho phthalic anhydride will mainly fluctuate and consolidate in the later stage.